Partial-birth abortion: Should woman have the right to abort in the third trimester of a pregnancy?

  • If something is wrong with the child.

    Should there be something wrong with a child inside a woman, it's unreasonable to ask her to carry the defective child to term if she doesn't want it. There are more than enough unwanted kids out there and cutting it's life before it can experience it and the hardships of being damaged or unwanted would be merciful.

  • Because.... Because.... Maybe?

    Depending on the condition that the women that is having the child is in. If the woman were to have a child, but it might kill the woman then yes I think it would be okay. Just my opinion. That is the only reason I am saying yes though, or maybe if the woman didn't know she was pregnant by then (possible but rare) and she didn't want to have the child then maybe?

  • Woman should have the right to abortion in their third trimester of pregnancy.

    Abortion is such a huge issue because of the whole pro life and pro choice debate. Pro life is just a bunch of religious nonsense that tries to tell you what to do. People should be able to make their own choices and they should do whatever they want with their bodies.

  • Abortion is never OK

    I can think of another time in history when there was a group of people considered less than human who were slaughtered. The fact is that baby is a life. The mother got the baby because she had sex; whether this sex was something planned for or not, if that woman has a baby in her womb it is now her responsibility. Killing it is murder, and don't even get me started on the different methods used for killing it. There are abortion survivors out there, what gave that mother the right to try and kill them?

  • Women should never abort.

    Women should not have the right to abort ever. Women go around complaining about their rights but who is arguing for the rights of those babies? Abortion is a cruel act. Waiting until the third trimester of a pregnancy to abort is even worse. At that point the babies are able to live outside of the mothers body on their own. Abortion is out and out murder but it is even more obvious that is true in the later months of pregnancy.

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