Particle colliders: Are particle colliders valuable tools of discovery, worth major public investment?

  • CERN has already been a very productive investment.

    Particle colliders, such as CERN, have already proved very valuable in determining the origins (and possibly end) of the earth and universe. Thanks to CERN, the God particle has been discovered, which took science one more step toward proving the Big Bang theory of the formation of the earth. Scientists have also recently discovered that the Omega particle may potentially be the source of the end of the earth as well.

  • Fusion Reactors In Our Future

    Despite huge setbacks, a new European particle collider was built with the express intent of finding out how to start and control fusion reactions. Progress in finding such a clean energy source has been slow, but an answer will be found eventually. The initial investment of public funds may seem like an economic drain, but the payoff in the future will be vast. Imagine an entirely new industry founded on fusion power, a much cleaner source of electricity than nuclear fission currently used at nuclear facilities. The possibilities are endless with scientific discoveries made at particle colliders.

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