Partitioning Iraq: Would the partitioning of Iraq benefit counter-terrorism efforts there?

  • Partitioning Iraq would help the efforts.

    Partitioning Iraq might actually prove beneficial in the fight against terrorism within that country. By partitioning Iraq, our military forces will be able to specify which type of security would be most effective to the relative area of jurisdiction. This may not be possible if they are treating Iraq as a single territory.

  • This is a stupid idea

    In the past partioning of territories has gone absolutely horrible and provoked more conflict and sectionalisation often leading to future war. THis has been evident in all notable cases for example Israel, India, Ireland and most of the former colonies in Africa. It wouldn't work and would creat far more geo political issues and problems than the military problems it would fix.

  • No Counter-terrorism Efforts

    There is no need for counter terroism effort to thwart the warring activities of Iraq. The war in Iraq is over. Now is the time for the rebuilding of a country torn apart by war. The middle east and terrorism are one even though the United States is not involved.

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