Passenger plane crashes in Pakistan: Should safety measures be enhanced?

  • Air travel can be safer

    Incidents of planes crashing are rare but almost always make headlines due to the fact that it is a common fear among people who fly. I feel that these accidents are preventable with greater care in the maintenance of planes and the procedures of the flight. Unlike traffic accidents where crowding and sudden need for action are prevalent, planes are in big empty spaces with systems monitoring potential collisions. Planes undergo routine maintenance and have to be cleared to fly. With these systems in place planes should not crash. However plane accidents happen none the less. Since these systems aren't enough they should be improved or more checks added until there are no incidents of planes crashing.

  • Yes, safety measures for airlines should be enhanced.

    Yes, safety measures for airlines should be enhanced. In order for air travel to remain a reliable mode of transportation and a realistic business model, passengers must be confident that they will arrive at their destinations without incident. The only way to do this is to enact enhanced safety measures.

  • Yes,Plane safety measures should be improved

    Yes, safety measures for planes should be enhanced. In certain incidents of plane crashes, the cause of the crash could of been avoided easily. One example is when a plane runs out of fuel, a stock of oil filled in a container could avoid this or checking the engine oil cap is closed properly to stop expulsion of oil. Safety should be improved especially in third world countries, where safety and security is lax. Although, strict safety precautions is already set in plane trips, it is often neglected.

  • They do all they can.

    Passenger jet crashes are relatively rare. Planes have to go through thorough safety inspections in order to be certified to fly in the air. Every once in a while, there will be a mistake that no one sees coming. This is tragic, but humans are humans. Not all tragedies are preventable.

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