• Yes, I make up my own mind about films

    The reviews haven't been that great for this film and the scores online are terrible, but if there's one thing I've learned is that critics can be wrong. I'm a big fan of both Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence and I think it's worth going just to see if they can be trusted as performers. After a time you can begin to gague a star's ability to pick a script. Whether or not it is a good movie, it will show me whether storytelling or fame are their top priorities.

  • It has an interesting plot.

    The movie Passengers has an interesting plot that is more complicated than the typical science fiction movie. In the movie, two people are awakened early from suspended sleep, while they are traveling to life on a new planet. They fall for each other, but they have to save the ship. That is a pretty interesting plot line for a movie.

  • Yes: exciting plot

    Passengers is worth seeing as the two main actors play a wonderful role in an incredibly interesting movie where the plot is shorter, exciting, and mysterious at the same time. Ratings are low on this movie but if the actors appeal to you in addition to drama and intense feeling then this is a movie worth seeing.

  • The cast alone is a reason to see it.

    I definitely think the movie Passengers will be worth seeing. With Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in the leading roles, the casting alone is reason enough to go check it out. I think that the plot looks interesting, and the special effects look incredible. I think it will be a great film.

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