• Pastafarianism is no less ridiculous then mainstream religions.

    Pastafarianism is not any more or less rational then most religions. As neither Pastafarianism nor any other religion is provable, other religions don't top pastafarianism. So far pastafarianism and other religons seem to be equally plausible. However, there is one more deciding factor: pastafarianism is more moral then other religions. The bible explicitly advocates stoning. The Qu'ran advocates dismemberment and torture. Hinduism leads to the cast system. Pastafarianism does none of this. It teaches respect and love for all humans.
    So in conclusion, pastafarianism is just as plausible as other religions, and is also more morally correct.
    In response to the person who voted no, the flying spaghetti monster isn't made of matter. His noodly appendage is spiritual.


  • My whole circle of friends is made up of Pastafarian.

    I have always been a Pastafarian, and so have all my friends. FSM is love, FSM is life. The Flying Spaghetti Monster is God, and always has been! It's a way of life. MAY YOU ALL BE BLESSED BY HIS NOODLY APPENDAGE! The Flying Spaghetti Monster even taught us that a decline in piracy is causing global warming. The Pastafarian race has been taught countless valuable lessons from the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  • Pastafarianism is life

    Pastafarianism teaches us about his noodlieness, who created the world after being drunk, his heaven has a beer volcano and a stripper factory, he teaches us about how the lack of pirates has caused global warming, what would we do without these facts. May you be touched by his noodly appendage, R'amen

  • Fuck you nerds.

    You fucking shitty animals put the shittiest stuff on debate topics.
    Go back to comic con where you belong you fucking rejects. You are all still virgins and live with your mom in her closet. How about you go fuck a hedgehog with a pink dick up your motherfucking ass. Then after shove a pine cone up your asshole.

  • Pasta is Love, Pasta is Life.


  • Touched By His Noodly Appendage

    Look at your God. Now back to ours. Now back at your God. Now back to ours. Sadly, your God is not ours. But if you stopped worshipping your God and started worshipping our God, you could convert to ours. Look down. Back up, where are you? You're on a boat, touched by His noodly appendage. What's in your hand, back to me. We have it. It's a colander with two tickets to the FSM convention. Now the tickets are noodles. Anything is possible when you are a follower of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I'm on a pirate ship.


  • Just because you do not understand our religion does not give you the right to deny our claims.

    The flying Spaghetti monster is how humans perceive his image. He is not a monster he is a God as he created the universe on a whim. The noodly appendages relate to string theory and how all things in this universe are precieved as strings of waves. The meatballs are representations of the Physical Realm of matter and the Anti-Physical realm of Anti-matter. He is master of these things. We have evidence of his exists through the word of mouth tales from when he gave the responsibility of keeping the faith strong to the Pirates. Many people believe this a satire religion but its a firm belief in many homes across the world. Until recently, I thought Catholicism was a Satire of Witchcraft as they chant and worship fallen believers of their faith called Saints just like the Witches did. I was corrected recently on this that they are not a Satire though, I couldn't image how it would feel if someone thought my religion was just a joke.

  • The stupid joke is stupid

    To clear things up, the Law of Christ is against stoning.
    Now, about pastafarianism.
    In Christianity, God created humanity in his own image to represent out connection and original purity. This shows that he is not selfish in his image.
    In Pastafarianism, the flying spaghetti monster is selfish and terrible. Why? Well first of all it’s a “monster”, so it is, by definition, meant to spread oblivious fear. Also, it is selfish because, according to the mythology, it will not share its image with those that he hath supposedly created. I mean, don’t we all wish to look like the internationally famous and admired classic, bowl of spaghetti and meatballs?

    So in conclusion, God is truly righteous, and FSM is not.

  • Pastafarianism is blasphemy, and makes zero sense.

    Ok I am going to tackle this with the logic side of me. If you were to have a god that made the universe, it would be unable to be compared to the physical word. Otherwise it would be limited by physics and be unable to make something from nothing. Conscience noodles would have to follow the law of physics, since noodles are made of matter. At least the god visioned by Islam, Hebrew, and Christianity, is not said to be made of matter.

  • No flying spaghetti monster.

    This is all just a parody. There is no flying spaghetti monster, I hate to break it to you. There is no logic to this whatsoever, it really should not even be a thing. I am sure that a lot of you people who voted yes actually looked inside yourself, you probably don't believe in this at all.

  • It got old fast

    Look, I do get the arguments they're trying to get through. I even agree with them, in principle. However, I feel it's only used as anti-Christianity propaganda and an extension of atheism. It's like if Christianity was formed only to critique Roman religion and Judaism and never grew from there. It doesn't add anything to society except as as anti-religious argument.

  • Pastafarianism has very little logic

    So people will say that a benevolent God from a 4000 year old book cannot exist, but a monster made of an Italian pasta dish from the 5th century AD is real and created a 14 billion year old universe? I literally don't see any logic in this parody religion. I find the idea of the Christian God as more credible

  • Pastafarianism is a satirical religion

    Pastafarianism is obviously a satire based on christianity. Considering facts like Pastafarians saying "ramen" rather than "amen" indicates that this so called religion is basically only a mockery. Also, Every Friday considered a religious holiday seems far too convenient. All religions root back to the bible (either for it or against it, Or derived from it) but pastafarianism is clearly a satire based on this.

  • Just. . . Wow. Absolutely Shocking.

    I am just speechless at the stupidity of this. It’s horrible, Disrespectful, Idiotic, And unbelievable. There is no logic behind this whatsoever. I EAT PASTA FOR DINNER CRACKHEADS. It’s the most offensive thing I’ve ever seen, And you need to shut the whole thing down because otherwise you’ll keep getting hate mail. And I love how you post your “hate mail” on your stupid site. I don’t call it hate mail, I call it logic presented to you by people who pity your pathetic lives.

  • Wow worshipping food.

    I get that it was made because of teaching the Bible in a science class in no surprises the United States of America. But still its just a immature joke religion. Wow worshipping a monster made of pasta and meatballs and it has eyes. Even the Pastafarian afterlife is immature beer and strippers.

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