Pat Robertson: LGBT people are the new Illuminati. Agree (yes) or disagree (no)?

  • Homosexuals are pawns of the illuminati

    Those who are seeking a New World order are targeting the church and the family. They have brainwashed homosexuals into believing that they are nature's way of controlling population.
    That's an insulting lie. They are the one of the illuminati's way to control the population. The homosexuals are being duped.

  • Are you nuts Pat?

    The new Illuminati? What happened to the old Illuminati? Maybe the old guys "chose" to be gay and are now the new, gay Illuminati. Who would have thought?

    This is entirely ridiculous, claiming that gay people are secretly controlling everything. Most gay people just want to be treated as equals. Their demands are totally reasonable.

  • No, they are not the Illuminati and how does that even make sense?

    People who represent LGBT rights are not some crazy secret society you need to be suspicious about. They just want to have the same rights as anyone else. It is really sad that anyone can be so ignorant, and that they cannot grasp the fact that the LGBT community is made up of real, normal people.

  • This guy is tinfoil hat level crazy.

    News flash, Pat: LGBT are real people, who just want equal treatment under the law and a modicum of respect. The "Illuminati" is a crazy conspiracy believed mostly by the gullible and kids who get all their information from internet forums.
    Does anyone actually listen to this nutcase anymore? Seriously?

  • Yes and no..but mostly no.

    In the sense that a lot of the time the LGBT community has to operate in secret, I could certainly see the comparison. However, they are not a shadow organization geared towards world domination. These are just people who have a lifestyle that is different from what it widely accepted as 'the norm'. All any of these individuals want is to be accepted as human being and given equal rights that the rest of us take for granted.

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Anonymous says2013-06-27T01:56:44.060
Oh come on... Maybe you should worry about the Knights Templar International instead.