Patent litigation: Is the war between Apple and Samsung over smartphones really worth all the legal fees?

  • Every company deserves to be able to respond legally if they believe they have been stolen from.

    Every company, whether right or wrong, deserves to be able to take others to court when they believe that their product, ideas or methods of been stolen by another company, or entity. This is a basic right which should not be removed based on the cost of litigation. If we were to impose limitations in order to keep costs down, we wuld be robbing corporations their ability to defend themselves from left.

  • No, it is just a phone.

    Do we really need to be spending all this tax money on deciding who should have the patent to the smart phone? We should be spending money on advancing our technologies, going further into the Internet realm, and focusing on customer service expansion. I believe all the fuss over a phone is not worth the hassle of the money and the time it will take from things that are so much more important.

  • By suing Samsung Apple Seeks To Control The Smart Phone Market

    Apple suits against Samsung is an attempt by the technology giant to gain a strangle hold on the smart phone market; allowing them means to snuff out any competition from superior operating systems and hardware platforms. Platforms and operating systems that are growing in popular with consumers do to their adaptability and falling costs.

  • You Can't Patent a Rectangle

    The war between Apple and Samsung over the similarity in their devicies is foolish, and I'm glad they have agreed to a truce. To me, all phones are the same, and maybe that's because they have copied each other but I don't are. I'm going to buy the best phone for my needs, regardless of trivialities in design and function. Ther patent war is akin to trying to copywrite a keyboard. They all function the same. Instead, those companies should be looking to enhance their features, functionality and price to entice users to their products. Stop giving lawyers money and start passing that on to the consumers.

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