Patents don’t allow knowledge to grow – for that to happen they should be abolished.

  • Patents interfere with progress.

    The patent system is broken. Patents have outlived their usefulness and it's time to shut down the patent office and release all patents into the public domain. But before we get too far, I need to distinguish that I'm only talking about patents and not copyright. Creating some new antenna design for a smartphone is a patent.

  • Patents incentivize progress.

    Patents are the only important legal protection that give you ownership of your ideas and technology. That ownership is the critical incentive to create new technology. Why spend so much time and energy developing an idea when there is no guarantee that you will receive any credit or money from it?
    Patents also protect individual inventors from powerful companies. Intellectual property law allows innovation to come from everywhere by protecting an idea no matter how rich the inventor is. If the laws were removed, A small inventor could create a technology and immediately have the idea stolen by a company with more resources and market access. The inventor would profit nothing, Which is why he would not be incentivized to invent in the first place.

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