Patrick Stewart and the X-men: Was Patrick Stewart the right man for part of Xavier?

  • The best there is at what he does

    I think Patrick Stewart was a great choice for Professor Xavier. The truth is when an actor is cast as a character, normally you automatically think they were the perfect choice for the role and you can't imagine anyone else playing it better. Professor X has got that I-know-everything personality and I think Patrick Stewart is great at defining that. No one can possibly be a better Professor X!

  • Yes, I believe that Patrick Stewart was the right man for the part of Xavier in X-men.

    Yes, I believe that Patrick Stewart was the right man for the part of Xavier in X-men because Stewart meets the expectations that Stan Lee originally had for the character. It almost seems like the role was created specially for Patrick Stewart because he has an aura and looks very similar to what the original creators intended.

  • Yes, Patrick Stewart was right for the part.

    Patrick Stewart is a natural fit for the part of Professor Xavier in the X-Men franchise. He has the correct bald-headed look from the comic books and can make a connection with Star Trek fans who are also X-Men fans, not to mention being a strong actor. Stewart did a great job in the X-Men movies.

  • Patrick Stewart Was Right Choice For Part of Xavier

    Patrick Stewart, the famous Shakespearan actor, was the correct choice to play the key role of Xavier in the X-Men films. He imbued the character with the proper gravitas and sophistication. Not only that, it was clear he was enjoying himself throughout. These are all qualities that make going to the movies fun - and made him the perfect choice to play Xavier.

  • Patrick Stewart was Superb in X-men

    Patrick Stewart is an incredible actor with an immense stage presence. He commands the screen in any scene he is in. In X-men, he played his part well and was a perfect choice to run the school. His experience and talent made him an asset to the X-men movie franchise.

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