• Very strong evidence

    While the evidence is circumstantial, it is very strong. Odin Lloyd is seen getting into Hernandez' car approx 2:30 am at Lloyd's home on Fayston St. It takes about an hour to drive from their to Hernandez' home. Hernandez arrives at his home about 1 hour later, and Lloyd is not in the car. The cell phone tower evidence shows that all of the cell phones of the car's occupants where hitting the same cell towers as the car drives from Lloyd's home to Hernandez home. The murder scene is just off of one of the streets that are on the way to Hernandez' home. A gun that is traceable to Hernandez was found at that location as well, giving a strong impression that Hernandez has used that location to dump evidence in the past. Hernandez own surveillance cameras show him walking around the house and outside with what appears to be a gun before leaving to pick up Lloyd and immediately upon returning to his house without Lloyd. Evidence given by various witnesses indicate that Hernandez mood can change quickly from happy and relaxed to extremely agitated and angry in a short period of time. A bullet casing found inside the car that Hernandez used to pick up Lloyd matched the bullet casings found at the scene of the crime. A marijuana blunt found with Lloyd's body contained DNA from Lloyd and Hernandez. At this point, I think there are too many coincidences and circumstances that point to Hernandez' guilt for me to believe that there is some innocent explanation for all these facts. While I certainly will keep an open mind and am capable of changing it as more evidence comes in, it certainly appears that Hernandez is guilty at this point.

  • He is guilty

    The evidence against Aaron Hernandez is overwhelming. He is beyond a shadow of a doubt guilty of a number of murders related to gun and drug violence over the past couple years. This is fairly shocking considering how well off Hernandez had become thanks to the NFL, but on the other hand, not even remotely surprising if you consider his background. Hernandez is, as all the evidence shows, absolutely guilty.

  • Yes, evidence points towards his guilt.

    The snippets of information released surrounding the case have pointed towards Aaron Hernandez's guilt. Prosecutors have a motive and have video evidence of Aaron that is very hard for him to explain. His actions afterwards have also pointed towards his guilt. To this day he continues to get in trouble, even in prison.

  • There's so much evidence.

    Yes, Aaron Hernandez is guilty of murder because there is overwhelming evidence. He was arrogant enough to think that he could just bully other people around and get away with it. There are eyewitnesses and there are admissions. If law enforcement does their job, he will be convicted as he was charged.

  • We need to let the justice system play out

    The fact of the matter is that no one knows the facts about the Aaron Hernandez case but the people working against him, Hernandez himself, and the jurors hearing the trial. We as a populace need to let these people do their jobs, come to an informed decision and then decide after the facts are out.

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