Patriots' new tight end, Tim Wright: Will Tim Wright be a better player than Tim Tebow?

  • Yes, I think he will be far better than Tebow.

    Yes, I think he will be far better than Tebow. I'm not really shore Tim Tebow new what he was doing in the NFL. i think the patriots where just feeling sorry for him when they took him in that year. I think the new player will go allot further with a quarterback and wonderful team behind him.

  • Tim Wright is already a better player than Tim Tebow

    The Patriots draft to win. Tim Wright has already proven himself to be a more consistent player than Tim Tebow with his performance at Rutgers last season. Tebow's success was short lived, and while Wright's preseason hasn't been spectacular, but even his coach says that every player goes through spells of lack luster performance.

  • Tim Wright is the bigger man... Literally

    Tim Wright edges above Tim Tebow by just an inch, but that inch could make all the difference when running the ball from one end of the pitch to the other. And with his younger age, he should have the athletic advantage needed to win. Ultimately, we'll all find out his true abilty when he steps up to play come 2015.

  • Tim Tebow was underrated.

    No, the new Tim, Tim Wright, will not be better than Tim Tebow, because Tim Wright is a relatively unknown who played for Rutgers. Tim Tebow was a standout in college. He was also more effective at getting the best out of his players. Tim Tebow would have lasted longer in the NFL if it hadn't been for the media pressure and controversies. Tim Wright will not be better.

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