Pau Gasol considers skipping the Olympics due to Zika virus: Are his fears warranted?

  • Yes, his fears are warranted.

    Pau Gasol is right to skip the Olympics. This is even a scenario in the Plague Inc game; the Olympics are a catalyst for the spread of whatever deadly plague you are building. The Olympics are a prime opportunity for a disease to spread far across the world. I would choose to skip it as well.

  • Yes, he just avoids to putting his health and the health of his family in risk.

    Zika virus remains in semen much longer than in blood. It can be transmitted to the woman during sexual encounters, not just through a mosquito bite. Athletes don't go alone to the Olympics, he also talks about the people who would follow him, for instance, his couple or his family. Men and women can carry the virus, and transmit the virus to others. Plus, health experts have not identified all of the illnesses this virus can precipitate.

  • Yes, Pau Gasol's Fears Over The Zika Virus Are Warranted

    Yes, Pau Gasol's fears over the Zika Virus are warranted. We are all responsible for our own health and as a major athlete, his income depends on his ability to play basketball. The Olympics Committee along with other major organizations need to implement strategies to ensure minimal risk to the athletes and spectators who will be going to Brazil to watch the Olympics.

  • Olympics a perfect opportunity for Zika to spread

    Skipping the Olympics might just be the smartest idea at this time. A large event like the Olympics is the ideal situation for a virus to spread, and since they are being held in Rio, fears of Zika are warranted. People could contract the disease at the Olympics and then spread it all over the world when they fly home. It would probably be best for everyone to avoid the Olympics at this time, Pau Gasol has the right idea.

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