Paul Ryan’s Omnibus Spending Bill: Is Paul Ryan's Spending Bill detrimental to America?

  • More money, more money, more money!

    Of course, we are all familiar with the phrase "it takes money to make money" but the truth of the matter is where that "money" is actually being taken from and distributed to. Our citizens have been blind sighted and become victims of government "credit card" debt over many years. The only reasoning I can for see of this bill is so us, the citizens, are to continue to pay the debt that the government has put our country in so they can continue to have wreak less jobs. It isn't rocket science nor requires a need for fancy words to figure out the vicious revolving door that we have been pertaining to for decades. Foresight should be managed before hindsight.

  • Yes it is detrimental to say the least.

    Paul Ryan's Omnibus Spending Bill is very bad for America. First of all we need to look no further that the fact that this deal is dumping another half a trillion dollars in debt on us right from the start. We also lost the American SAFE Act that enabled us to make a better screening of the potential refugees that come from terrorist infested areas.

  • It Has a Budget

    I'm hardcore to the right on public spending but that being said, I think that any budget with a military component is unconstitutional and therefore should be struck down, by simple legal reasons. The constitution of the United States provides for the stipulation that no standing army should exist, and that has been broken for over a century. Ryan doesn't address this.

  • It's very detrimental.

    I think this bill will put us more in debt. This debt is going to make a lot of Americans miserable. He increased government spending which is going to be horrible for ordinary Americans. This bill is only going to increase our debt. This bill is going to be very harmful.

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