• Yes, courts should set an example by becoming more stringent with domestic batterers

    Courts should crack down on domestic assault and battery cases to set an example. Too often domestic battery charges are dropped, which unfortunately only mitigates the graveness of the crime, and gives a negative precedent to future cases. In many situations, victims of domestic violence are too hesitant to come forward; thus, giving the victims a legitimate median to speak up in the court room will reduce the instances and length of domestic violence cases.

  • More Needs to Be Done

    While I am not privy to the details of the Paul Simon case to know whether the dropping of charges is justified, much more needs to be done to protect people from domestic violence. More also needs to be done to help those recovering from domestic violence and stopping it from occurring in the first place. The world is moving in the right direction, but much more needs to be done.

  • Yes we are too leniant as assault and battery is a crime, regardless of who committed/is the victim of.

    This leniency stems from previous generations specifically before the 1950's where it was viewed that the wife was the husbands property and was his to do as he pleases. However the times have changed and people who commit domestic abuse, both male and female, need to be punished for it.

  • They do it again and again.

    Yes, we are too lenient on domestic batterers, because we forget that the person's actions don't happen in a vacuum. The person doesn't just beat their spouse, they probably also hurt their children, and act rudely in public. If the spouse leaves them, they will abuse someone else. We should be tougher on abusers up front.

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