• Consoles..... Much Better

    Consoles is much better they have more upgrades with more sequence, it is absolutely console, even though it might have more slower data doesn't mean you still cant play it, like if someone don't have friends a PC can't do nothing but a console can and it is very honorable to us.

  • I would have to say console

    I'm sticking with my argument mostly because I've grown up with consoles, and don't access to a PC to play games on. I have no idea how playing on a PC is compared to a console, but it's probably better (according to what I've heard). But, for now, I'm going to have to say console.

  • Pc is by far better

    I have been a console gamer for almost my entire life but when I found pc I was like is this heaven. With rts and Moba games (which I understand are not for everyone) adding to the experience as well as games like path of exile the pc is just much better. Also you can get 1080p 60fps consistently. The customizability is also very good as you can build your own pc and everyone says it is too complicated but I'm 12 and I can do it so I think you can do it. And please remember pc gamers are not trying to convert console gamers, we just give you information so you can make the correct decision for you. Hope you liked my message thx

  • PC is better

    PC because you can get more games. Plus consoles then to be limited small and useless and have to sign for live,Accounts, and crap. Pc also is faster and customizable. And on PCS you can get Mods Extensions Plugins and other cool stuff for you games. Can you get that on consoles

  • PC is better

    Pc has better fps the games are usually cheaper and it is easier to talk to your friends i have played on both and pc is just better yes they might cost more but once you buy it you are in good shape. Hope that this helps PC for the win.

  • Pc is objectively better

    Objectively speaking a pc has more options for how you want to play the game due to several different controllers and setups
    a pc is more powerfull then any console out there by a landslide, difference is huge
    because of the above fact games on the pc look better unless the game has been consolofied
    the pc is more practical because you can do more then just playing games, you can also work on it.
    The only advantage a console has over the pc is that it's a bit cheaper though not by that much if you have to keep buying a new console all the time

  • I have a neutral stance.

    I think that PC games are more in depth and have more updates and multiplayer spectrum. And PC games are deffinetly more proffesional. However, console games hold the more famous games such as Halo, GTA or Battlefield and console games hold the more traditional means of gaming. . . .

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acmanjr says2016-11-28T14:56:50.347
Both Console and PC have there benefits