• "Mac vs PC"?

    I'm neutral on this issue, because both PCs have their pros and cons. While normal 'PC' users worry about antivirus software renewals, viruses, Microsoft Office (because normal Windows PCs don't come with Microsoft Office), Mac users are able to sit back and relax with Pages (the Mac alternative of Microsoft Word), Keynote (the Mac alternative of Microsoft Powerpoint) and many other programs which are already installed in a Mac before purchase, necessary for daily use (e.G Numbers, iTunes, iPhoto). However, the advantage that Mac has over other PCs comes with a price. A brand new Lenovo PC costs around SGD 1099 (USD 878.99), while the brand new Macbook Air costs SGD 1499 (USD 1198.91). Prices vary alot, so a portion of PC users may prefer purchasing non-Mac PCs.
    I can't say that Mac PCs last longer than other PCs, because this theory is still not accurately proven.
    Viruses are also minimal on Mac PCs, while they swarm other PCs (not sure about Linux OS). But 'minimal' doesn't mean Mac PCs will never get infected with viruses. My belief is that once you're connected to the Internet in one way or another, viruses will always be present.
    So do users prefer Mac over PC? I honestly don't think so. They are both the same. It depends on which interface you prefer.
    (I'm not much of a tech expert, so I'm not sure about Linux at all.)

  • It is the best.

    Yes, I think that most users prefer Mac over PC, because Mac is still top of the line. All PC does is try to emulate Mac for a fraction of the cost. There is a reason that people line up at the Apple store in order to buy the products, but you can buy a PC at Best Buy anytime.

  • Mac is the future

    There has an age old argument in the Mac versus PC war. In my opinion there is nothing that even comes close to a Mac. Apple has taken the Mac to levels that a PC cannot achieve. Between the security and the higher tech interface it is the one to beat.

  • It's Really Amazing...

    The Macintosh is a revolutionary design. It's sleek and smooth shell and shape compels apple users and fans. The Macintosh has a powerful interface, and a unrivaled security system. It also has built in essentials, while windows users have to buy or somehow receive its windows essentials. The Macintosh is truly amazing.

  • Mac's are faster and come with the essentials.

    A Windows PC doesn't come with the level of editing software that Mac's do, nor does it come with the capability to install the other operating system to run side by side with the Mac OS. A Mac will get you where you need to be if you are willing to make the initial investment. If you want to be a video editor than you can. If you want to be a composer, you can with the help of the Built-In Garage Band that Mac offers with all its platforms.

  • Look on Debate.Org

    Look at all the polls for this for evidence every one of them comes out with at least 65% on the side of PC, this maybe because of the kind of people who go on this website or just as windows is regaining its monopoly with the release of windows 10.

  • No, I don't think most users prefer Mac over PC.

    Within the general population, a higher percentage would choose and own PC over Mac mainly due to price. Mac comes with a steeper price tag and many people do not care for the operating system and the writing software Mac has. PC is more widely available, less of a financial burden, has an easy access software system and is more idealistic.

  • PC vs Mac

    No i do not think that most users prefer a mac over using a PC. I have always used a Pc. I have no experience using a mac. I am sure that they both have an around equal amount of dedicated users and customers for each brand. They are both ok.

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