• Apple is limited.

    Apple products are extremely limited while mac products are very versatile and fundamentally easier to use. Apple products and everything compatible with them must be purchased through apple of you run the risk of permanently damaging you're product. Apple is simply too limited to last, at least with most people.

  • I do not agree that Microsoft is the new Apple

    At the risk of tainting this debate with bias, I refuse to accept that Microsoft is, or can be in near future, the new Apple. I admit that Microsoft and Apple have neck to neck competition in terms of their stock values and sales. However, as far as performance is concerned, my loyalty remains attached with latter due to their durable hardware and reliable software.

  • No, Microsoft holds a different share of the market

    No, Microsoft is not the new Apple. It seems that people are starting to believe that Microsoft has become more like Apple with their newer OS releases, mobile devices, and tablets. I believe that although Microsoft is attempting to compete with Apple in the mobile market, they won't be able to. Apple already holds a large percentage of the mobile market and they are known for doing mobile well. Microsoft's entries into the mobile market have thus far been unpopular and underwhelming in terms of sales, whereas they always remain dominant in the desktop market. I believe Microsoft will eventually give up on trying to compete with Apple in the mobile market and go back to offering innovative new desktop and laptop solutions.

  • The Apple OS

    Microsoft will never be able to persuade the younger generations and creative artists to give up their Mac Laptops. Even though Microsoft contain similar media/graphic designing modification programs, those programs are not stylish and trendy like Apple. People will pay hundreds of dollars more to own a popular brand rather than look at the cost/benefit utility ratio. Until Microsoft can create a similar brand appeal like Apple it will never close the gap.

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