• Macbools are too bulky and keyboard layout sucks. Surface is the way to go

    Yes. Surface is better. Better software. Better hardware. Better keyboard. Macs are crap and their keyboard layout is awkward as hell. The surface pro is awesome light and can be used like a tablet or laptop and the screen can be tilted. What can the Macbook do? Not much really. Mavbooks don't have all the awesome Windows software that comes with surface unless you use bootcamp and install windows but then you might as well buy a surface.

  • Microsoft Ready to Battle Apple with Surface

    Microsoft is ready to taken on Apple's Macbook with its new Surface tablet, which can act as a tablet or a laptop with its optional keyboard. The Surface uses a touchscreen, has better screen resolution, and allows user upgrades to the unit at the leisure of the owner. The Surface is thinner, lighter and allows access to at least five times as apps through the Windows store. It also provides a larger amount of storage on the cloud.

  • Microsoft better than Apple

    I believe that Microsoft is better than the Macbook. The reason I say so is because the Microsoft surface is more user friendly than the Macbook. The Mac may have more technological advances than Microsoft but as far as user ability I think Mac is more geared toward the technology enhanced students.

  • Mac is Supreme

    No, Microsoft Surface is not better than the Macbook, because the Macbook is the original. Microsoft Surface is just an attempt to copy the Macbook, just like the Chocolate tried to copy the ipod. Although the surface will offer a lower price point, which will help some people, the Macbook will always be best in terms of quality.

  • No, it is not.

    I believe that the Macbook is a lot better than the Microsoft Surface. I find the surface to be very hard to use and I hate windows 8 and the apps are not very user intuitive. When I have to do work, I always turn to my Macbook before the surface.

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