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  • Obviously Will Not

    Whatever Microsoft does to develop its devices' hardware they are not able to compete with Apple's powerful, stable and beautiful operating system at all.
    Microsoft should do something for its OS which i believe as long as they devote their time, money and energy on it they reach something next to nothing because the Windows's problem is so fundamental.
    And the tendency of users all around the is toward Unix base OS for hundreds of reason.

  • Stupidly wishful thinking.

    From everything I've seen, the surface pro 3 looks awesome, but then again, I have and enjoy windows 8 (with a touch screen). The surface series just happens to apply to a niche market, and microsoft has left a bad taste in consumers mouths. Placing it in direct competition against the mac air with their own adds was a stupidly optimistic thought and a misunderstanding of their consumers.

  • I don't know

    Oh this is an interesting question that is no doubt being debated world wide. The Macbook has enjoyed the spotlight for a long time and most users are dedicated to it. Will the Surface be able to beat out the Macbook? I think its unlikely but hey anything is possible!

  • No, I don't think it will.

    I think that people who love mac will still always buy from apple and I think that pc is getting even better so apple won't have as many converts. Over the next few years I think they will be split pretty much 50/50. It is great that pc is catching up technology wise, but I don't think it's enough to beat mac just yet.

  • I do not believe the Microsoft Surface can beat out Macbook

    At risk of sounding biased. I do not think the Windows operating system can, in its current state of performance and application pool, surpass the Mac operating system. The Surface may provide competitive specifications in terms of hardware and price tag, they cannot manage to get avid users of Apple platform to ditch the durable and reliable Mac for a Windows device.

  • No, the Macbook Air is too powerful and has a better price point

    The Macbook Air is much more of a machine than the Surface will ever be at their current price points. You can purchase both for close to the same price; however, out of the box, the Macbook is much more robust a machine. In order to get the Surface to that same level of power, its price rises dramatically above the Macbook. Although the Surface is much lighter and thinner, the Macbook's interface and ergonomics feel much better in your lap than the Surface will ever hope to be.

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