• PCs have much more games.

    PCs have so much better stuff, Like
    more games.
    Higher indie scene.
    No paid online
    Steam, Which has amazing sales and so much stuff implemented.
    Emulation (which is legal btw)
    It costs only 200 more, And allows for content creation.
    It performs much better than a console and runs the latest games at min 60fps.

  • It Has Options

    On a PC, There are more games, Better graphics, More graphical options, No fps cap, Plus you can do tonnes of other stuff on PC that you can't on console. Also, There is the fact that as well as a keyboard and mouse (which is more accurate), You can also plug in a controller if you prefer.

  • It's not just for gaming.

    You can do WAY more stuff that consoles, Like work on documents, Edit videos, And pictures, Etc. And PC has the freedom to choose what and how you're gonna build / buy it. Even though you need to pay more money, There are way more things to do than consoles.

  • Pc wayyy better

    I play on both pc and xbox. Most games don't need an extreme pc to play, While almost every time a new xbox or ps comes out, You need to buy another one. If you get a good pc, You are set for a long time. There are more games, More options and way more apps to make life easier.

    It is true that it is easy to hack but yea.

  • Consoles can't argue.

    If you play on a console, Tell me three beneficial things consoles do better than PCs. Go on, Tell me. That's right, There are none. If you were to say consoles can game better, That is untrue. If you were to tell me consoles have better games, That'd be a subjective argument. Come on, Try me.

  • Freedom to do what you want when you want all for a low price.

    PC offers the most freedom out of any of the consoles that have ever existed and ever will exist. You can upgrade your PC when you feel that it needs more power or you can just keep it the same way without needing to upgrade for another 5, 6 or maybe even 10 years, all for a price that you can decide like let’s say $500 or above with more power than a console will ever have. PC doesn't just give you the freedom to just decide the price oh no, it lets you choose much more like; whether or not you want mods, it gives you the freedom to choose whatever peripheral device you want, choose whether you want your PC to glow in the dark with RGB, choose what games you want to own from a wide library with almost no limits, if you want to emulate games and so much more.

  • So many benefits,

    Think about it this way, console is communism, and pc is republican. On PC, its an open platform, pro consumer, and on console it is closed platform and anti consumer. On PC online gaming is free, it has better graphics, performance, more exclusives, cheaper games, customization options, upgradeability, the hardware doesn't get outdated that fast, option to use controller or keyboard/mouse, emulators (though android has that too), more access, mods, no generations, etc. On console, you can't upgrade, what you get is what you get, you have to pay for online, and when the hardware gets outdated, you have to buy a completely new console. Sure it may be cheaper on the short run (On console, all you need to start is a console and a game, so thats $360, and on pc, you need a pc, plus a keyboard and mouse, and a game too so thats at least $500 in total), however, on the long run, PC is cheaper, because of free internet access, upgradeability, and cheaper games. And if you "can't" afford a PC, just save your money, and after a while, when you get it, you will be saving money. But if you prefer console, I will respect that as long as you admit PC is better. Trust me, PC is better.

  • PCs arem't just for gaming.

    Not only can PCs play many more games, with usually better quality/framerate for the same price, you can do much more on a PC than on a console. Sure, modern consoles can surf the web and play music, but that's basically it. Also, you can play console games on a PC, by connecting a modern console controller to a PC, while getting the benefits of a PC.

  • Each system has its place, but I would take the PC over the console.

    I consider myself a PC gamer. This comes from a few points. I can play my games, beautifully, at a framerate 60+. I have options, I can use both a controller or a keyboard or mouse. I can play online with friends for free, no yearly subscription. And finally, many of the games I love and appreciate are only available on the computer. Many MMO RPGs, RTS or indie games are only available on PC. I do admit that for the right people, consoles have their place, but in all scenarios, the PC can replace the console. It just often comes down to how much effort you want to put into your system, with thousands of options for PC's, and few options for consoles. PC's offer more customizability and can do everything the console does and more, can do it better, and for less money,

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  • Not always your best option.

    PC gaming has a lot of good games but it's not as popular as any other console. Popularity is a huge thing when it comes to the gaming industry because video game makers look for the consoles that are selling the most games and they make these games to fit the main consoles rather than unpopular PC's. PC gamer's say that the pc experience is way better than console but they have not had the experience of playing these games in better quality.

  • Couch co op

    There is no argument. Couch co op is the best way to play games ever. You can crouch over your moniters as much as you want, but sitting on your couch with your friends having a laugh is much better then playing with toxic neckbeards. PC has some advantages but couch co-op is amazing.

  • Console is better

    I played the first Dead Space on Xbox 360 than years later I have origins of PC and get the same game for free, the graphics were crap. So console wins that one I'm not sure about others. If you have examples tell me so I can see for myself

  • Ps4 is better than pc

    Ps4 has a easier control and plus it comes in at around 450 dollars where a good gaming pc comes in at around 2000 dollars. Ps4 comes with games and does not require the user to download a launcher and wait tons of time. It also comes with spotify, And has many facecam and cool features. So yall pc players suck

  • Pc's are very expensive and need a monitor a computer a grafix card but consoles need a tv and console.

    And pc gamers have a bad online community and usually over react to every thing in life and hate every one they see that plays console. Jk pc for the win im even typing this on my pc. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • COnsole is better because it is better. (applause)

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  • Bitch you know

    Consoles win brah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Reasons I prefer consoles ( Not saying consoles are better)

    First reason I prefer consoles over pc is the simplicity, At least in my opinion console is definitely simpler and easier to understand compared to a pc. Second reason would be comfort, As I prefer to game on a couch and tv with a controller. Yes, I know that it is possible to do the same with pc, But my first point again, It is much easier to do with a console. Furthermore, Not all pc games support usage of controllers. One last point would be co op. On consoles there is co op where I can play with friends and family with only one console, Whereas on pc, Only way to do so is play online or LAN parties where multiple computers are required.

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