Peaches Geldof autopsy inconclusive: Do you think it was a drug overdose?

  • Yes, her past speaks volumes.

    Geldof unfortunately had a documented past with substance abuse. Also, pictures of her recently do not show a typical, healthy person. A healthy woman in her twenties doesn't randomly drop dead. An autopsy would explain something if she had a heart defect or even died of an eating disorder like many speculated. Toxicology results take time and it wouldn't surprise many if they proved that she did in fact die of a drug overdose.

  • What else could it be?

    Yes, I think that Peaches Geldof died of a drug overdose, because she was not very old when she died. What else could it have been? She had no known health conditions, or any other reason that an otherwise healthy young person would have died at that age. She must have overdosed.

  • I don't think she overdosed

    I don't think Peaches Geldof overdosed. I think that the public wanted to believe that she overdosed. That would be a more dramatic story. Peaches Geldof wasn't even a celebrity in her own right but she is the relation of a somewhat celebrity. I think all of this speculation in the inevitable result of a media which is starving for content.

  • Not My Business

    Peaches Geldof died, however the cause of that death is none of my business. I think it is wrong for people to sit back and callously talk about a persons death in such a manner. Why does it matter to people if it was a drug overdose? It's absolutely none of your business.

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