Pearl Harbor survivor opens up after years of silence: Should we honor these survivors more?

  • Yes, we should honor the Pearl Harbor survivors more

    The survivors of Pearl Harbor hold a piece of history and should be honored. There are not many survivors left so we need to gather all the information that they can share. It is a turning point in our history and the courage of those survivors should inspire all Americans.

  • Yes, survivors should be recognised

    It isn't possible for the vast majority of us to truly understand what people go through in extreme combat situations, for this reason we owe it to them to listen and recognise them. People that fight for their country give up their own lives to do so, we owe it to them so we should honor them as much as we can.

  • Yes, the survivors of Pearl Harbor should be honored more.

    Yes, the survivors of Pearl Harbor should be honored more. The attack that they endured at the hands of the Japanese of 1941 was horrific and doubtlessly led to many cases of post traumatic stress disorder. The should be honored by the people they served while these survivors are still alive.

  • These survivors should be honored just as any other survivior.

    A person may have a variety of reasons for keeping silence about their role in Pearl Harbor. All those who survived the bombing of Pearl Harbor should be honored, however, no one deserves to be honored more than others. Regardless when a person comes forward about being a survivor, they should be honored the same as all other survivors.

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