• After Two Charges Of Being A Pedophile, YES!!!

    If a Pedophile is caught with Sexual Assault charges against 5 or more kids and is found guilty they should be put into a Death Camp, BUT they will need undeniable proof that he was and is the ONLY suspect and it could not have been ANYONE ELSE. Furthermore, if a Pedophile has two or more Sexual Assault charges against him or her they should be put in a Death Camp. This will help eliminate the innocent or wrongly prosecuted for the death sentence.

    A Pedophile that Sexually Assaults a kid should not be allowed to roam the earth, whether in a jail or a maximum security prison. Nothing will ever the the same for that child and their entire life is ruined from that point forward, same should go for the Pedophile.

    Posted by: Jewy
  • Pedoes should be killed for their wrong doing and their disrespect for their god and sins

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  • The actions cause by pedophilia are unforgivable and there is only one true punishment for these people.

    Pedophiles are the ultimate scumbags. They must be super desperate if they are willing stoop so low that they would prey on children to satisfy their needs. The trauma that these people have created for children are the reason why so many children of this generation have had so many mental problems. Those that would threaten the future of the world itself deserve to be taken out immediately.

  • Pedphiles should be hung.

    Pedophiles should be hung by their balls if they are men and if they are women hung by their tits. No pedo should be just put to prison because we are feeding them with our tax money. No person who rapes a child should be fed and entertained at all.

  • This is cut and dry.

    We as humans have an obligation to stroke our morality. But their morality comes from what many of you have referred to as a "mental illness." it is more than just a mental illness it is more like a character disorder. They do it because they want to feel big, not because they are crazy. They may have had a bad upbringing but so did i. I try to make people have better lifes as opposed to ruining others.

  • Death for those unfit for society

    I would like to say first if someone along is a pedophile they should seek help and the government should not punish those who have those thoughts if they actively seek help. A treatment, the brain of a pedophile is a broken one, seeing children rather with a protective, it's sexual. This should be fixed with therapy and self-control. However, committing pedophilic acts should result in death, a child needs protection and you can only protect them if those who wish to do them hard are gone, death is the best way to remove a problem. Now for the definition of a Pedophilic act: Fapping to children, CP, sexual contact with children, ect...

  • Such acts against children, helpless and vulnerable as they are, are wholly inexcusable.

    Such predation against children, vulnerable as they are, needs to be discouraged, including through fear of horrific death. Not only should pedophiles be put to death, they should be put to death in the most horrible fashion possible AND very publicly. I see not the slightest reason any of them should be allowed to draw any more oxygen than necessary. Society is better off without them BIG time.

  • Absolutely they would be put to death.

    But it should be after the second offence. I think that's enough to prove it wasn't a freaking "incident" and they're not going to change or stop. The damage they do on the children they molest is not something that ever goes away. They grow up to be adults with psychological issues that are not easy to cope with. Some never fully heal from those wounds and it's heartbreaking and a damn nightmare.

  • f**k all pedos

    The 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, Commonly known in mainland China as the June Fourth Incident (Chinese: 六四事件, Liùsì shìjiàn), Were student-led demonstrations in Beijing (the capital of the People's Republic of China) for the establishment of basic human and press rights and against the Communist-led Chinese government in mid-1989. More broadly, It refers to the popular national movement inspired by the Beijing protests during that period, Sometimes called the '89 Democracy Movement (Chinese: 八九民运, Bājiǔ mínyùn). The protests were forcibly suppressed after Chinese Premier Li Pengdeclared martial law. In what became known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre, Troops with assault rifles and tanks fired at the demonstrators trying to block the military's advance towards Tiananmen Square. The number of civilian deaths was internally estimated by the Chinese government to be near or above 10, 000.

  • Pedophiles have no place in society.

    All them pieces of shit will do is either rape or sexually assault more children. Bad enough our correctional facilities are a bunch of f***ing sissies in being afraid of getting sued if pedophiles either get severely injured or murdered behind bars. For male pedophiles, Tie a rope around their penis and balls and female pedophiles, Pierce a large ring perpendicularly through their vaginal lips and hook to a rope, And then all pedophiles get hung with a crane.

  • No, thats not right.

    Killing people for something they were born with is wrong, their are some pedophiles who haven´t done anything to children, plus, this might get people to get falsely accused for being pedophiles and die because of it, we need to arrest the ones who did sexually abuse children. Not all of them.

  • Why would you do that

    Killing people with a mental illness is just messed up why would a sane person do that. Killing someone for a stupid reason should not be tolerated. Just throw them in jail don't kill them because they like kiddies that is so stupid for that reason. They can just live their lives in jail unless it is not that bad.

  • Not right at all

    Killing people for having a mental illness that they have no control of is wrong. Instead, go kill the ones who actually acted out on it. This poll's title can be changed to "Mentally ill death camps?" as it has the same meaning. That is pretty messed up to say!

  • You might be misunderstanding the definition of pedophilia here.

    Pedophilia is just the thought or attraction, not necessarily the act itself. Not all pedophiles act on their sexual interest in children, and not all people who sexually abuse children are pedophiles. Many people who sexually assault children merely act opportunistically.

    I've seen websites on where people who have this kind of attraction admitting that they hate living is because of it, and that they publicly admit that they're pedophiles but they don't want to harm children at all and would rather die.

    There also are sayings stating that most pedophiles have been sexually abused as kids which may have lead to it, and others that they were born with it; but overall I believe that it can be both.

    Let's not just put the people with those kind of attraction that have not acted on it at all, in the same category with people who have and falsely accuse innocent people.

  • This is a fine line between humane and inhumane that is more like upon a razor's edge.

    Heart-wrenching or Gut-wrenching that is the question. To spew or chew. The black dog or the white dog and that's not in any manner or form racist.

    So will heaven and Earth ever be as one with psychopaths and sociopaths within every realm of the walks of life that push the merry-go-round at top speed and all get dizzy with brain damage or get thrown off into the dread of ignorance.

    NO is the answer. If your friends with the Pope or some sort of leadership skills that are, up to the infinity and beyond. Then step up to the plate of my latest debate.

  • Punishment is out of proportion.

    In terms of pedophiles who have not molested children, they should not be put to death. That would be killing someone who has not done anything wrong. Those who have not done anything, but have significant enough potential to, should not be punished for what they didn't do, but should be monitored in some way with things involving children, to prevent the crime from happening before it happens. Pedophiles who have molested children and/or r*ped them deserve punishment for their actions, but death isn't it.

  • The punishment does not fit the crime.

    Just like homosexuals, pedophiles should go to conversion therapy. Their habits may cause the spread of STDs. If they rape a kid, that should not be a pedophilia charge, it should be a rape charge. The punishment should be harsh, but the death penalty is not deserved enough for a pedophile.

    Posted by: asta
  • No, not exactly.

    Now dont get me wrong, I do not like or support what these sick people do to such innocent kids. Ive got 2 kids of my own, why would I ever support what these a**holes do?? But, their obsession is most likely a mental illness that they were born with. And I dont believe in killing people for something they were born with. I would prefer another type of punishment for them, but not death.

  • It’s like killing witches

    They need to do something before you can even start thinking about punishing them. Just because someone likes little boys does not mean they have ever assaulted one. Back in the day anybody who was suspected of being a witch was burned to death with no evidence to prove it. If I fantasize about murdering my neighbor, And I don’t do it, Legally you cannot arrest me. Same thing here.

  • Paedophile is not a mental illness

    I say no to ending a human life but please stop referring it to a mental illness. It's like say homosexuality is a mental illness. It's an issue some females and males face and need to over come. It's a crime to act appon urges and impulse. If I stole something due to my impulse controls I would be punished. I agree with punishment not death

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