• As normal as breakfast ’ - Its not even a THING.

    Its just plain male female attraction, In both directions.

    Nobody’s “traumatized” being somebodys special person.

    As a little boy I craved certain older teachers at 5 I was shown how to relieve myself manually. Soon got caught masturbating naked on my bedroom floor one night wrything from the sensitivity pain unable to stop my lust for redhaired freckled, Pale skinned, MRS KEIPER.

  • Yes. Just because it's "unnatural" doesn't make it wrong.

    The hatred of pedosexuals is all because of the stereotyping of children. The thought that just because they don't fit under your view of a "grown adult" means that they're dumb, Stupid, Ignorant, And "incapable of making decisions". Paternalism is oppression, Not "rights". Children's rights only acknowledges that they should have the right to nutriment, Having someone to have custody over them and take care of them, Et cetera, Et cetera, But children's rights does not acknowledge that children should have the right to be free from custody, Free from being tossed around like property in the foster care system, Free to have authority over themselves, Free to have personal autonomy, Free to be in control of their own lives, Through a fair, Practical process that does not require anyone's consent but their own. Children are essentially owned, And they are regularly trapped in abusive, Or otherwise morally repugnant or wrong situations, With the only alternative being tossed around in the sick foster care system, Or to have yet another owner. Many times, These aren't even options, And the abuse must continue as the child remains trapped, Not allowed to become their own person until 18, Or 16 years old in some countries. There is the possibility of emancipation, But once emancipated, The child would be discriminated against in housing, Employment, Renting, Et cetera, Et cetera, On the basis of being a minor. Children have no voice, No autonomy, And are promised nothing more than an owner that doesn't beat you to death. These are not rights.

  • Pedophilia is a normal thing

    By "pedophilia", I mean minor-attraction as whole, Not only attraction to prepubescent children.

    Im real scientist. I offered some opinions and debates, By no one agreed to disprove my claims about pedophilia being a normal thing.

    Why no one wants to debate with me? Well, Because you know you can't disprove my claims, Because my claims are supported by facts.

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