• We are sexual beings. Jesus did not degrade anyone

    The mentality against pedophilia people is evil. Jesus is not in it. Jesus praises people who were like him. Jesus counseled people who did not talk like him. Pedophilia people talk like Jesus. Zoophilia people talk like Jesus. That is why they are being verbally attacked. Satan hates the nude form. That is why it is attacked. There is no freedom.

  • Pedophilia is natural sexuality

    I made some opinions and debates, But no one accepted the challenge to prove that pedophilia is a bad thing.

    Why are you afraid of debating me? Why are people not debating me? Didn't people say that pedophilia is a bad thing? If they say it, Then i think they can prove it. If they can prove it, Why don't they want to debate me? Im free and open for debates! I want to be debated! I want to prove my points, And disprove your points. Go, Debate me!

    I have background in science, So i know better than you. If you think you have evidence to prove pedophilia is not a normal thing, You should present the evidence, And debunk my claims about pedophilia being a normal thing.

    When i say "pedophilia", I mean not only attraction to prepubescent children, But minor attraction as whole.

    Obviously, No one wants to accept my challenge, Becase everyone knows im right. If you think im not right, Then accept my challenge and prove me wrong.

  • That is disgusting.

    These are children. CHILDREN SHOULD NEVER BE SEXUALIZED. THIS IS DISGUSTING! Pedophilia is quite literally the sexual desire for and attraction to children, Children. . . Their bodies aren't fully developed, Their minds aren't fully developed and oh yeah, Their children. Sex is a mature, Adult thing; sexually objectifying children is sickening and this needs to end now.

  • Go kill yourself troll

    Stupid guy here is dumber than Jamal. He thinks children should allow themselves to become slaves to grownups that are in love with them. The children will be scarred with invisible wounds that may never fully mend and you are okay with it. I cannot deny the fact pedophilla is natural but just because it is natural doesn’t mean it is right. For example, Being racist is natural for some people but racism is never right. In this same way, Pedophilla may be natural but it is not right for the child because they will end up being victim United unless they give full on consent. Go burn yourself to a stake lousy troll! If you truly are a real scienctist, Change your stupid username to make it sound more professional!

  • No it should not

    I can accept gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, And trans but I will never accept pedophilla. Pedophilla is adults falling in love with kids and those kids are stripped of their right to have a childhood and then they get raped and have sex. Pedophilla people should not be allowed to marry anybody especially a child without consent and then, Would a child give up school, Friends, And their entire childhood just to make a pedophilla dude happy, No. So pedophilla is not right because it takes away the childhood and fun memories from a child and they end up having their human rights infringed because they are slaves to their “pedophilla spouse” and slavery is a violation of human rights. If you still think pedophilla is okay. Then you truly are a troll

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