Pedophilia should be as accepted as homosexuality has become.

Asked by: liltankjj
  • If a 10 year old human has the intellect and wisdom to have sex, then y not?

    It is very shallow to assume that a child cannot be more mature than an adult

    in a distant future , human children wud hav surpassed current mans' intellect

    so to label underage sex as an impossibility is an insult to human abilities

    if dogs learnt to talk in the future, then that too wud be perfectly viable

  • It's just a social taboo

    Pedophilia is a sexual orientation, pedophiles have been proven to be left-handed on most occasions. They deserve equal treatment. And, children aren't always harmed by sexual relationships, typically relationships which cause harm are those which involve coercion. If a child can consent to football they can consent to sexual contact.

  • Yes,they should have right

    Anybody deserve to get rights and gays.Lesbian,and pedophilia deserve to get rights too.They are considered as abnormal but that does not mean they are always evil.And in fact,not all pedophile are child molesters,and most of child molesters do not exhibit this disorder.Sex with minor should be illegal i agree with it.

  • Homosexuality is as excepted as heterosexuality and is also believed to be just as normal. Why can't the same be said for Pedophilia?

    Why can't pedophiles be born the way they are just as it is claimed for homosexuals? Everyone is created equally so why limit freedoms of others because it isn't socially accepted? If the Parents of a child agree to them having relations with an adult or the child is of an acceptable age to decide for themselves, why can't this work.

  • Come on guys be more open mind

    Sex with a person under age of consent should be illegal at any age not only for an adult because children cannot consent in having sexual relationship.If a 14 years old boy have sex with 7 years old girl deserve to get same punishment as adult.But romantic relationship should be legal.

  • It may be wrong

    It may be wrong to rape a child but as long as the child gives consent and is not abused it is OK and even if it is wrong isnt it the same thing as an underage having sex with an other underage willingly as long as it willingly and un abusive it is not wrong
    and if it is still wrong as long as you do not act upon those actions it is not wrong

  • Maybe accept them as a sexual orientation

    Pedophile are unfairly stigmatized and demonized by society and i believe they deserve to be treat equally and fairly.Many Research has proven evidence that pedophile is a sexual orientation just the same manner as homo and heterosexual.People who have pedophilic tendencies inherit it since from birth and they are born in that way they are.It is unlikely to other sub type of mental disorder which has not been conceived from birth.And children aren't always incapable of given of to sex.By saying children can never reach the same intelligent level of an adult is an absolutely an insult and ignorant point of view. I know myself good enough, i am only 13 years old and i perfectly understand what sex is and are able to judge the consequence of having sex as well as making rational decision. So long as relationship is consensual and adult can make the child feel happy and comfortable, i don't really seen the relationship as abusive.

  • Old age is not inherently desirable and the media knows it$$$

    As a child I was constantly sexually aroused by women. And when older women saw that, they found it as cute but behind closed doors they took it upon themselves to satisfy me and themselves when they had the chance. Only one was about to touch me and then didn't out of fear as she told me her family would kill her, I was 11 or so. Yet every other neighbor lady did in secrete but slammed on men who got caught with young girls and would say they need to kill him. Hmm, society loves to live a double life and always sides to violence, was about the only thing I picked up on as a child. I also remember, at age 10 I got caught looking at a adult mag at a store and got beat for it, yet no problems when I read war mags that had death pics and people being tortured. Sex was always looked as evil yet violence is bad but yet ok for kids to watch. As an adult I also noticed, youth is sexually desired, strippers, models are portrayed as young girls or young boys not old mature women or men.
    Religion has played a huge role in this double standard and twisted mentality along with psychiatrist on the propaganda train. Everyone of my friends and most of my girlfriends have had experiences with adults as children and not one can say they where affected negatively. Except like me went through a stage of depression through the teen years after being constantly bombarded by the media, school and religious people that certain acts are wrong, get help your a rape victim. I though I was going to some hell or that some great sin was acted on me. Depression and suicide are typical at that age when being mentally warped to peoples fairy fable stupidities. Then you get away from the religious fairy fables as an adult, say goodbye to living life by the standards of followers and realize, no, your not a rape victim. No their is no hell or gods to condemn you, only idiot crazy people out to hurt others that don't follow their crazy social views and secrecy.
    Fact is most people not all are pedo, male and female, many are gay and I also find most women are Bi. Should peds be accepted as gays, only if they don't go around kidnapping, killing or raping kids just as gays are expected not to rape men. Most peds have been found to not even act out their fantasies and the ones that do, usually do it with consenting teens that are already sexually active. So the real question is how can young people be better schooled by their parents not society in who they should be having sex with. And how to keep society out of parent and children business and life style.

  • Yes, with limits.

    One, the child would need to be of sexual maturity age and be able to decide their own sexuality before they experiment. And the age gap is a very concerning thing to add to the discussion as well, I'm ok if a 20 year old wants to have sex with a 17 year old, but if it is a 12 year old and a 48 year old, I do not believe that situation should be allowed.

  • Maybe, but then....

    I believe it should be accepted and people who are pedophillic should be treated as normal everyday people. However as much as we want to look at the bright side, too many pedophillic relationships are forced upon the children without their consent and thus it shines a bad light on pedophillia. Word.

  • Children cannot consent!

    The slippery slope argument that pedophelia will be accepted is plain stupid.
    A child is not mature enough to consent in sex, and they don't even know anything about sex! How could they possibly consent?
    Not only that, but an adult could easily manipulate them and take advantage of their ignorance. This shouldn't even be an opinion question...

  • This is exactly why homosexuality shouldn't be accepted.

    Now that Gay marriage is legal people are going to try to make stuff like polygamy, incest, bestiality, and pedophilia legal. You may be thinking all of those things are weird and disgusting and will never be legal but 50 years ago people said the same things about gay marriage. Some people may say that homosexuality is WAY different from this stuff but it really isn't. Pedophilia is especially bad since it involves minors. Kids shouldn't be involved in this stuff they are to young and if a kid is in a pedophilic relationship they were probably forced. At least people in a gay marriage are consenting adults.

  • No, most children are not mature physically and mentally

    Well.. I have read the yes and no section on this topic. I do a little googling (can't be really said research since I really did only googling a bit, I wanted to though...). There are some opinions I think is just plain stupid and others just , huh you have a point there. But what the hell, that's my judgement.

    Anyway, after googling a bit , I came to the conclusion, I extremely disagree in Pedophilia. Not because I hate pedophiles or the fact that pedophiles has become quite a not good stereotypes for most people. Pedophilia is a pyschological disorder in which a person develops sexual attraction to kids underage of 13. And a person diagnose with pedophilia must be at least 16 years of age.

    Saying that a kid is not more mature than adult can be a shallow thing to say. Underestimating the capability of the human mind. But saying that a kid is more mature than adult can also be.... A overestimated thought. There might be a kid that more mature than the adult , I won't deny that. But how many exactly? Have you done the research? Have you even came to the conclusion on what is maturity or how to measure it? If you can't answer this question. Then think before you speak. The fact that pedophilia still cannot be accepted by society is the fact that we see our children as a fragile thing. And yes, our children are fragile. There is nothing wrong with parents saying my son/daughter is not mature enough. They are his/her parents and know more than you do about how mature their son/daughter is.

    Well that quite taken a bit off-topic (sorry bout that, just a bit explanation). There hasn't been found an effective cure for pedophilia, since, it is about feeling and problems in interpersonal (subjective). But I can assure you one thing. Most children are not mature, that is why we have the word "Children". Most children cannot take drastic decision since most lack knowledge and experience. And that is why we have parents to guide them. So I'm strictly against pedophilia. Sorry pedophiles, but try to take that sexual drive to people who has mature physically and/or mentally

  • Pedophilia is WRONG

    As someone that was sexually abused as a child, I now suffer from PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Pedophilia causes many problems in the world. If we allow adults to take advantage of children that don't know how to say no then we're just enablers and we deserve the same consequences as the abuser. Homosexuality is very different from pedophilia. Just because someone is a pedophile, it doesn't mean they are homosexual, and vice versa. I am bisexual, I am a female and I have a girlfriend. I was abused by both a man and a woman, so any argument you have about me not liking men because I was abused by one is invalid. Nothing good would come from pedophilia being accepted and quite frankly, I'm shocked and offended that anyone would think otherwise.

  • Are you saying beastiality should be accepted?

    Since pedophilia is someone's interest or preference or their 'nature' doesn't that mean those who conduct beastiality is the same? Is it right? Heck no it's animal abuse regardless of how 'willing' the animal is.
    If pedophilia is made legal, there would be more cases of rape and child abduction. Not that there isn't now but it would allow people to have an idea that it is right and conduct such preposterous activity. A child doesn't develop their sense of wisdom and accumulate enough knowledge at their age to know that it is sick and they would probably regret this later on.
    Homosexuality does not cause anyone any harm. You should know that. It just allows people to love freely, not cause harm and more potential threats of crime.
    Please wake up and think logically
    I hope this is a joke

  • Political correctness in the extreme strikes again

    Arguments like this are always based in trying to justify mental disorders through some misguided sense of justice. Though in many cases these disorders are not by nature "bad" and can be worked around or even celebrated, society must draw a line at a certain point.

    The most sensible way to define that point? When it begins to significantly affect others negatively. In the same way that most would agree that mass murder should not be accepted due to its obvious negative impact, pedophilia should not be accepted due to its extreme psychological impact on children.

    The argument could be made that some children might like it, but by that same thinking the mass murder could be excused as they might have killed someone who was suicidal! I would expect the number of children who don't like it to be much higher than those who do (likely >95%) and therefore this argument has very little merit.

    Honestly, this is insane. If you agree with the above statement, please do yourself a favor and rethink your priorities.

  • What in the Fu**!

    Homosexuality is a completely different topic than pedophilia. Homosexuality is being more accepted in today's society because there are more genuine people who are understanding a persons lack of control when it comes to sexual orientation. And I know it can be argued that pedophiles can't control their urge to whatever discussing feeling they have towards kids but its just plain wrong. At least with Homosexuals they participate in sexual activities with other individuals who i'd expect want to (consent to) participate, and are at the same mental capacity to make that decision.
    Some people are saying that, Oh sometimes a 10 year old can be more mentally mature than an adult let them have sex, I don't give a crap if that is the case, a child lacks experience to understand what it means to be sexually intimate with someone. When they get to that point in life, they should experience it with someone at their level, not some desperate grown adult with sick fantasies.
    I can't even understand those who agree with the statement, they have to be pedophiles themselves to agree with this sh**.

  • This has to be fake

    This seems like a very obvious troll question, but I'll respond anyway. Pedophilia is unacceptable even in a case where we had a "consensual" pedophilic "relationship" because children are neither biologically nor mentally competent for sexual activity. They cannot give knowledgeable consent, in the same way that they cannot represent themselves in court or sign a contract or own property in their own name. Pedophilia, unlike homosexuality, is inherently harmful and destructive and we have generations of people who were sexually abused who can testify to that. There is no real difference between the average homosexual relationship and the average heterosexual relationship aside from the gender match-up of the individuals. Pedophilia is something very different, and it crosses lines that shouldn't be crossed and involves risks that are unacceptable.

  • Children cannot give informed consent

    Children cannot give informed consent, and any sort of child sexual abuse is illegal as it should be.

    Homosexual couples are both on equal footing and are able to give informed consent and have the understanding and emotional maturity to have sex with someone their age.

    I honestly don't care what consenting adults do at a party, in a bedroom, or at a club. That's their business. You cannot involve children in those activities.

    Your question is like asking "Should rape be accepted since consensual sex is?"

  • They are two different things.

    There is a very important difference between gay sex and pedophilia, consent. Becuse pre-pubesent kids are easily manipulated they cannot legally consent to sex and in most cases wouldnt even know what it is. On top of that, sex with adults is extremely harmful to children and would cause physical and phsycological harm.

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ZSummerFoxZ says2016-10-22T21:10:12.813
This is coming from a gay guy... HELL NO why would you even want this?