Peeping drone scares woman: Should you have the right to shoot down a drone on your property?

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  • Invasion of privacy

    Yes, you should have the right to shoot down a drone on your property, because that is an extreme invasion of your personal space. It is trespassing as well as an invasion or privacy. No government or private citizen has the right to spy on us on our own property. You should absolutely be able to defend yourself by shooting it down.

  • Protecting Your Privacy is a Right

    While shooting down a drone may be excessive under the circumstances, having one invade your private space, without your knowledge of why it is there is more than valid reason for concern. If drones are going to become common place, more needs to be done to protect private residence from unlawful spying.

  • Self Defense is Always a Right

    People should be allowed to shoot down drones on their own property. Self defense is an important right, and a person can't always be sure what the intentions of an unknown drone are. Therefore if they feel they might be in danger they should be allowed to defend themselves on their own property.

  • Haha, what now?

    "Should you have the right to shoot down a drone on your property"

    "Shoot down" as in fire a weapon?

    "Your property" as in the ground under and in the immediate perimeter of your home?

    Time for a quick legal refresher, we only have "air rights" from between 80 to 500 feet above our land. If something is above that (vague) number, or simply outside of it looking in, (as one does on the street) you're a paranoid crazy person that's just committed a major crime.

    Self defense doesn't apply here. Even if a man was physically standing on the street with binoculars staring in your window, you still can't SHOOT him, or harm him in any way (under the law)

    What would we be defending ourselves from? Being viewed? The appropriate response is to call the authorities, and block the perpetrator from viewing you.

    If you want to shoot down a drone that costs hundreds of thousands to produce and operate, be prepared for the major fallout if you get caught. Some silly layman loophole isn't going to save you from the federal crime you just committed.

  • Peeping drone needs to get lost!

    If this drone was invading this woman privacy, than yes she had every right to shoot at the drone, there is enough going on, that no one has any privacy now in there home, and to have a drone come in and look and watch everything that she is doing, where is the privacy?

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