Peer pressure is more beneficial than harmful. True? Or False?

Asked by: rainbowland
  • It is more beneficial.

    I think this because if everybody got a good student award but you that would motivate you to get the award. And good student award literally has the word good so that would immediately make it the better choice which makes my opinion the better choice. I rest my case.

  • Peer pressure is more beneficial than harmful. True? Or False?

    Peer pressure is more beneficial than harmful. True? Or False?

    I believe that peer pressure is more beneficial than harmful. Please give your opinion on this. I would really appreciate it for you to take some time.

    Thanks so much again and I look forward to reading all of your opinions!

  • Even when it's beneficial you're doing it for the wrong reasons

    If you're doing beneficial things for no reason other than peer pressure then you have no real understanding of why it is beneficial. You are then completely dependent on other people's opinions to do beneficial things and will follow them even when they recommend harmful things.
    Not that people shouldn't try to influence each other but they should do so explaining their reasoning (for serious things anyways, peer pressure in drinking games is just for fun and doesn't count yet even then you need to know your limits).

  • It limits your own self-belief.

    As a high school student i find peer pressure more harmful than beneficial. Some students' inability to compete in grades and class performance wise will feel defeated and do not realise their individual talents. Peer pressure also 'unifies' the students and train them to think a particular way about particular things, i think the power of conformity is strong due to peer pressure. The students generally shy away from anything thought 'out of norm', although we are improving on being an individualistic society.

  • It makes you doubt yourself.

    I think this is about assignments etc.? When it's about grades and getting good scores, I think having peer pressure is not good.

    The yes-side probably believes that peer pressure will result in setting a higher standard for yourself and then leading to you working harder.

    That can't really be happening as it is generally known that most people will instead give up. Most will just think they're not as smart as their peers! The cases in which you actually work harder and then succeed, are probably quite small.

    The dissapointment however, when you try to study harder than your peers, and still get a worse result, is incredibly harmful. More than once have I studied harder than my buddies, but they still got a better score.

    I believe that in the end, it only makes you doubt yourself. You should never compare yourself to others, as only then individuals will see what they're truly worth.

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