Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane was found guilty. Should she go to jail?

  • Kathleen Kane's crimes are serious and she should be punished

    Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane was recently found guilty of perjury and obstruction in a court of law. She should resign and serve some prison time. Perjury and obstruction undermine the legal system and should be punished harshly. For an attorney general to abuse their position is even more heinous.

  • We are too soft on politicians.

    For some reason, no matter what a politician does, they seem to get away with it without consequences. In Kathleen Kane's case, she leaked secret documents. She lied to protect herself. This is dangerous because it creates a culture of corruption in the political system, and other people will follow suit. For this reason, she should be punished severely, with jail time.

  • Yes, she should go to jail.

    The Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has been found guilty, and should thereby be sent to prison. No one should be above the law; not even a high-profile politician. Kane deserves punishment for her crimes, and should be sentenced to prison like any other criminal would. This would serve as an example to politicians that might think they are above the law.

  • Yes, she was found guilty of nine criminal charges

    To help deter other elected state officials from the same acts in the future, the law must be enforced. In addition to criminal conspiracy, Kane's nine criminal convictions include two felony perjury counts that carry up to seven years prison time each. While a sentencing date has not been set, Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy has made it clear she faces immediate incarceration if she fails to comply with the conditions of her bond.

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