Pennsylvania school stabbing: Should the 16-year-old suspect be charged as an adult?

  • This was a difficult choice, but...

    In the end, it was calculated murder, and no one should get away with it. We've had too many casualties occur in today's schools, and it doesn't matter what age these murderers are -- they are out to hurt innocent lives. He's had behavioral problems in the past that his parents were too blind and stupid to realize, so perhaps one could argue that he had some sort of mental issue. But at 16 years old, it may not be the legal age of an adult, but he sure as hell thought like one. Investigators must thoroughly look into this dilemma, but in the mean time, throw his ass into adult jail. It will do him good to let him see where "big boys" go when they do stuff like this.

  • He is old enough to know right from wrong.

    I am not saying give this 16 year old the death penalty for his crime although he should be severely punished for it. I believe that he should be admitted to a mental institution for a while and then spend the rest of his life in prison. Although if he were to have killed anyone my opinion would be a lot more severe on the consequences he should face.

  • Yes, at sixteen one knows the consequences of their actions enough to be held accountable for them.

    A sixteen year old knows that stabbing someone is wrong. They have the comprehensive abilities to know that not only the action is illegal, but that it could also cause death. This isn't some six year old caught up in a fantasy. This is a sixteen year old.

    On another note, his preparation of having two knives and aiming to cause as much harm as possible shows that he is a danger to society. He had the cognitive ability to plan such an attack. He should be held accountable for it.

  • Yes He Should

    I believe it is perfectly reasonable to charge the 16-year-old suspect in the Pennsylvania school stabbing as an adult. His actions were that of an adult and the consequences for those actions are severe. He should be in prison so others do not have to worry about being harmed by him.

  • He is not an adult

    At 16 there is still a great deal,of,growing and maturing to,do, the brain and the impulse control centre and especially the empathy centre are not fully developed so a teen does not have the same level,of responsibility as an adult.

    Of course he needs to be charged and suffer from the consequences but it should not be the same as if he committed such a crime at 36.

  • The 16-year-old suspect should not be charged as an adult

    Any person under legal age should never be tried as an adult no matter how sever the crime is perceived. When charged as an adult the offender is not given the same opportunities for rehabilitation and therapy as they would in a juvenile facility. Teems do not think the same way as adults do and it is unjust to lock up a sitting senator.

  • Charge Them as an Adolescent

    At the age of 16, it is possible for someone to do juvenile jail time, go through rehabilitation and therapy, and possibly be able to return to society later as an improved citizen as an adult. This is an opportunity to look at the social circumstances involved - how is the home life, how is the social life outside of the home. Perhaps there are triggers that are causing this violent behavior. Also, a medical evaluation would help determine if there's a medical reason.

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