People are angry: Should Bernie Sanders give his support to those protesting against Donald Trump?

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  • No, I don`t think so.

    The man's a sellout, he couldn't even fight for his own candidacy- he folded quicker than a cheap suit and went all out endorsing Hillary...If you want to protest the Electoral college, fair enough - one voter, one vote would work better for the presidential election in this day and age. But the turnout would almost certainly be different - think of the voters in safe states who would suddenly feel that their vote counted.

  • Politician's should support the outcome of the election.

    Since the beginning of the United States there has always been a peaceful transition of power from president to president. The founding fathers set up the election process and the electoral college. The electoral college has promised votes to president-elect Trump. Trump should be given the opportunity to fail or succeed and the politicians should sway the country away from forcing their opinions through mob rule.

  • People are entitled to protest, but if Bernie Sanders lends his support, things could turn violent.

    It is everyone's right to protest, but the recent demonstrations against President-Elect Trump have begun to turn violent. Bernie Sanders has a lot of passionate supporters, and if he encourages them in their protests they may turn nasty. He should instead encourage them to engage in peaceful, community-based actions such as political organization or education.

  • Donald Trump is the president-elect, and America must unite behind him

    For better or for worse, Donald Trump is now the president-elect of the United States. Regardless of our opinions of him in the past, we must prepare for the next four years with him at the helm. This includes Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the Democratic establishment. This does not mean that everyone must agree with every comment, policy, or strategic alignment the Trump Administration will have, it only means that we must not question his authority or the authenticity of the process and the office.

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