• Yes, I agree

    People nowadays just aren't willing to give up satisfaction to find the truth. There is so much readily available media to us, and we trust them, because most of the time their information is mostly accurate, and it costs us almost nothing to listen to them. However, because of our credulousness, media often abuses this and exploits us. Media also isn't just news companies. We believe almost all things that the government says, and this is especially bad. News companies are for profit, so they won't make up stuff or tell information that is too false because they want to keep a good reputation so they will have customers. But the government doesn't have this limitation, so they tend to create a lot more propaganda and provide us with extremely biased or false information to achieve their aims. For example, during Operation Mockingbird, the US government bribed top news agencies to misinform the public. People believed the news they were hearing. I think why people are so credulous is not only that media news is so easy to obtain, but also there isn't much else to obtain information from. Every operation in the modern world is so classified now and you can't really find any other sources other than news and firsthand. Its pretty accept the information the media gives you and taking the risk that it is false, or just don't know anything at all.

  • Absolutely i agree

    People make assumptions about certain or all things without any evidence at all. They do it with one religion out of billions which has several beliefs in it. They do this with peoples character. Every time someone does something their neighbors are always shocked saying i never would have guessed he or she would do something like that. They do it with superstitions and ours here in america will tell us that an owl means death while the greeks say an owl is a sign of good fortune. They believe the fates of football teams depends on them doing certain things while they are one of millions of fans. That would mean that the most deserving team doesnt win and its all on the fans which is ridiculous. Has nothing to do with strength and stradegy i guess. Lol and they all beileve it comes down to them. Either every other fan in the world did right or it only depends on them while they are one of billions who believe its all them. Guess they should be getting paid by the pros to be a professional superstitious fan. Lol people do it with rumors and they believe things just because they were told them. They believe whats written in their religious books and what their elders and teachers say who all contradict each other. They believe in tradition just because it was handed down for many generations. They do it with morality and there are billions of moralities where only one can be right as all of them contradict all of them. Its gotta stop. Why do we make it so easy for our leaders to get us to do whatever they want us to do as if we are puppets with our stings being pulled by our leaders. We accept any morality they offer us which is super convenient for their desire. F you for believing in one of millions of contradictory gods.

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