People are not allowed to have children unless they pass a parent test

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  • Finally. Yes, yes, yes.

    Most people are stupid. We have an overpopulation, and many children are not being raised well. If we test, then we can stop people with bad genes, people from having too many children, and children not being raised well. And when you get down to it, are babies really that cute?

  • Not everyone is good at testing

    Who makes up this test? Who gets to decide what is on the test and what the criteria is required to pass? Will people be excluded from being parents because of race? Ethnicity? Does things like grammar, political views religion ethnicity matter? Does it matter if the test taker is of a certain class? Will rich people pass no matter what?

  • Most babies aren't planned

    There are enough orphans out there, we don't need anymore. Children are already taken from abusive homes whenever possible. That's one of the only times anyone's right to parent should be questioned. Who are you to be able to decide if anyone else can give birth? Would that right only be given to those that are financially stable? Many people that suffer hardships when young end up being better people than those that are spoiled. Would the test measure how much love and attention parents will provide? Psychopaths could pass those tests with flying colors. Everyone is different and everyone needs different things in order to grow to their full potential. Some thrive in loving homes, others in struggles. Some will succeed and some will fail. No test can ever truly decide if someone should be a parent, and no test should. It doesn't matter if you think someone is too young or stupid. It's our right as humans.

  • A parent test can't prove anything.

    Firstly, parent tests can't really prove anything because parenting is something that involves EXPERIENCE. Not just that, anyone can lie or cheat during a test. Using an example, you see people driving recklessly in just about every country and they passed their driving tests. What makes anyone think that a PARENT test could change anything?

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