People are not Competently Following the Voting Standards & Need to Start?

  • It is a Common Trend Which is in Essence: Laziness, Incompetence, or Jumping Off the Bridge Because Everyone Else is Doing It Syndrome

    The Vote Standards for each debate are the same, they are clear. If a debate is about "Which Taste Better Apples or Oranges?" The 1st V.S. Is "Who did you agree with before the debate?" It is incompetence on your part to choose TIED if you personally like the taste of apples over oranges. If you do not like the taste of either, then you do not have any reason to be voting. Therefore, when the premise is clear & it aligns or doesn't align with your previously beliefs--TIED is not the option to choose.
    In like manner the 2nd V.S. Is "Who did you agree with after the debate?" If you accredit points to a party for "Who made more convincing arguments?" putting TIED makes you look idiotic in the 2nd V.S. Whoever made the more convincing argument to you at the end is the party who you agree with AFTER THE DEBATE. This has nothing to do with whether you adopt such a belief but rather who do you agree with that they proved their arguments.

    "Who had better conduct?" Who depicted better sportsmanship? Who used no or less profanity? Who kept their arguments tightly woven to the premise, the evidence, to common sense? TIED is only viable here if you cannot distinguish who is clearly superior in conduct or unless its a lyrical battle laden with insults.

    "Who had better spelling and grammar?" If both parties are even matched in spelling, then decide by grammar. One person will usually show superior signs of advanced grammar. Do not TIE the Pro & Con unless you cannot distinguish a victor.

    "Who used the most reliable sources?" Points should not be rewarded for Dictionary definitions unless the debate is about words, idioms, or grammar. Unless someone is using a dictionary definition to prove the falsehood of their opponent's definition of a word, term, or situation. Understand reliable isn't equivalent to credible--not in certain contexts. The Bible is not a "credible" source to an Atheist, but the Atheist can respect it to be a "reliable" source if the argument pertains directly to what can be found it the Bible (not its veracity).

    Stop using TIED unless it is unclear who was clearly superior. Otherwise you show yourself to be either a lazy, careless judge, an incompetent person who can't distinguish between two polar opposites, or a mindless follower jumping of the TIED bridge like everyone else without investigating where or not that is a plausible course of action.

  • Yes it does

    People don't even read the debates. They just vote for who ever they agree with. People need to stop being so unfair. This is a serious site where people are meant to be mature. People should vote for who ever deserves the votes and not who ever they want to get the votes.

  • In an ideal world

    I agree with what you are saying, but humans inherently have bias and try as we may they still arise when voting. I think its more important to just roll with it and not worry about the result and hopefully you can educate some people along the way. There are just some truths or rational idea that people are not willing to embrace.

    Point in case: Search the religion boards and see how many people do not accept evolution to understand what I am saying.

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