People are required to work in return for welfare payments. What do you think? Should people work or not?

Asked by: annachengws
  • Yeah, They should work but under conditions

    Its true that welfare is for the unemployed and made for them, but I believe that welfare should really be for the ones who will try to work and aim for a job. Its great that there is a system to help them get on their feet but I believe that simply lazing off and not even looking for a job and living on welfare is simple parasitism. You should have to look for a job while on it because you shouldn't be able to live comfortably without a job just because you get welfare. Doing this is taking money and food from another family that works to death to earn that money by raising taxes to pay for this welfare you receive. And when they cant work they join the mass needing welfare making a vicious cycle. Therefore those on welfare should at least look for jobs or work some sort of jobs. And furthermore for those who cannot work (disability) receive benefits in their own rights and are in a whole separate branch from those on welfare. This comment is entirely about those who live on welfare while lazing around.

  • But only in their local area

    I do not believe mothers should have to travel for hours by bus to work 12 hrs a week. That is ridiculous. They can do yard work locally or pick up trash or something and log it. Definitely they do need to contribute to society, but let's not make this overly burdensome and hurtful to their families.

    Posted by: Jora
  • As said before, it is a hand up, not out.

    Welfare was not designed for people who don't want to work. It should be used for those who need help (if their salary doesn't meet the living cost.) If they really are unable to work, physically or mentally (to be determined by a neutral healthcare physician), then they do not need to work. If they can work, however, then they should be made to work.

  • It should be mandated they work at least 12 hours a week

    Social Welfare is meant only as a hand up, not a hand out. In order to be eligible for that Hand up one should prove that they are at least trying to make ends meet and are falling short, then they are eligible for receiving the hand ups, otherwise they should not get them (unless they are disabled then there should be fewer restrictions, only after an evaluation).

  • If you are able to work, you should work.

    If someone receiving welfare payments is able to work, then they would work. Otherwise, there exists the opportunity for people to collect welfare payments by claiming "they can't find a job" or simply "don't want to work". If the rest of society has to work to fund those on welfare, then those on welfare should also work.

  • People should not work if they receive welfare payments.

    Social welfare is used to help people in need, especially those unable to work. It aims to provide people with their basic needs. Why should they receive welfare payments if they work and are able to have income? Can anyone please give their opinions? Their perspectives and why people should or should not work if they receive social welfare?

  • But this answer is for semantic reasons; Then it is not welfare, it's public works, Abolish welfare and replace it with public works

    If people on welfare are required to work then it isn't welfare it's public works. Unless you are disabled the government should give people in need jobs not just free money. It worked when FDR was president. Why not again? Looking back I'm surprised welfare became a thing and nobody brought up public works as a viable alternative.

  • Earn your paycheck from work to get more money from the government?

    Zeno here again,

    Welfare is used for people who don't or can't get a job. Once they can get a proper job for even minimum wage, it's enough for shelter, clothing, water and food. Even if you have to go to those shelters for beneath-the poverty line people, it's a good resource to get back on your feet. So welfare is only for people without jobs. Don't go asking for more money, if you are earning money. It could be used for someone less fortunate than you.

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