People are spending to much time in front of the TV

  • TV is addictive

    To many people are spending about 84% of there lives in front of a TV and not outside. It is an unsociable activity. It will make you very addicted. Please help with this topic cause you can make a change in the world and help make it a better world.

  • Yes it's addictive but life outside is worse than that

    You're forgetting why people become addicted to TV, Games, Drugs in the first place. It's because life is shit and boring. Mostly people are egotistic and really have nothing more to them than visible on the surface. It's a lot better than wasting time with shitty discussions about literally nothing that to play games or be addicted to something you like. Yes it won't end in a good way, But seriously life is also shit and no matter what you do, It won't get better. People are living so wildly different lives that it's hard to comprehend why someone does something. If there was a better alternative, They would do it.

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