People burning in a literal hellfire is NOT a biblical teaching.

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  • Its not biblical

    It is certainly not biblical, however it is amazing how many dishonest Christian preachers use it to influence there followers and line their pockets with a lot of money. Its probably one of the more dishonest things about Christianity, lucky I do not fear hell and hopefully less and less people will. In other words sin to your hearts content you are not going to hell.

  • Hell Was Invented

    In the Jewish faith, there is never a hell, and on the History Channel documentary: Banned from the Bible II a biblical scholar admits there is no mention of hellfire in the new testament either, since hellfire cannot be found in either the Old or New testaments ergo, hellfire was invented by some random theologian centuries later.

  • The notion of hellfire was adopted in the 3rd century; not the beginning of Christianity.

    To my limited knowledge, Christians in the 3rd centuries were being burned for their religion. Here is useful snippet I ran into:
    "About AD 240 Tertullian of Carthage took up the teaching of an immortal soul. It was he who added the further, but logical dimension. He taught the endless torment of the immortal soul of the wicked was parallel to the eternal blessedness of the saved, with no sleep of death after this life.
    This came at a time when many Christians were being burned for their faith and it was natural for them to accept that their persecutors would at death be consigned to an ever-burning hell for the persecution they had inflicted on others while they went straight to eternal bliss."
    In my opinion, hellfire is not scripture.

  • What is deserving of hellfire?

    I feel that there are certain guidelines that any man can respect regardless of is religious beliefs. I often ask myself what is deserving of hellfire, or furthermore, ETERNAL hellfire. To me this seems a steep price for a man who never commits murder, but lies. A man who does not steal, but is jealous. Or even for a man who is not sure what he believes in, but lives his life with respect for life even if he makes mistakes. To deserve hellfire seems steep. I feel that the hellfire teaching is a fear tactic, because who wants that to happen? This fear of burning is motivating to someone who is easily manipulated, and to be honest, any god who would be willing to burn someone for an eternity, I'm not sure I'd be willing to serve.

  • It was translated incorrectly from previous versions

    Earlier, in the more origional teachings before it was called the "bible" "tora" or "coran" the word the monks translated into hell meent burn pile.... People useto burn thier dead in a burn pile to prevent the spread of diseas.... Any way.... It was origionaly if you were good enough you would live for ever with God but if you wern't your body would burn in the burn pile and turn into ash and you would be nothing more than earth.

    One other translation was you will fall into an ever lasting pit... You will fall and fall for eternity... That sounds awsome but what evs

  • As with most aspects of Christianity, hell was developed post Latin influence

    Due to the depiction of the underworld in pagan religions. To better indoctrinate pagans Rome conquered.

    Christianity is a pale shadow of The Way provided by Jesus Christ, (likely named Yeshua) It is a sham of what it was meant to be, taken like so many other movements, by powers who twist the message into a means of control and indoctrination.

  • Everyone doesn't go to heaven.

    Saying that hell isn't real is an unreal statement within itself. You might as well say that everyone goes to heaven. Whether hell is an "invention" or not, if you commit bad acts in life, your gonna eventually receive a punishment in the afterlife. Because i know for a fact that if there is no hell, and only heaven, religion might as well just be an excuse to behave well.

  • It does say hell fire.

    Granted, it does not have the word "hellfire", but does have the words "hell fire" (Matthew 5:22),(Matthew 18:9),(Mark 9:47) and associates hell with fire in many parts. Though your comment is technically right, it is ultimately wrong. Not sure what you were trying to prove but splitting hairs is no way of making a point.

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Pic is an interpretation of dantes inferno, the mad is Judas.