People can be sexually conditioned to homosexuality, are not all predisposed (born that way) as gay rights proponents insist, still pre-disposition is irrelevant?

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People can be sexually conditioned to homosexuality, are not all predisposed (born that way) as gay rights proponents insist, still pre-disposition is irrelevant?
  • People's environment has an obvious effect on their behavior.

    If you deny that, then you are willfully blind. You see this in prison especially all of the time where otherwise straight people engage in homosexual sex. The main issue I have with the whole "Are people born a certain way or not" argument is that is separates how the person feels with that persons actions and assumes that you have no control over your actions due to your feelings. I agree that you cannot control who you are attracted to, but you can control what you do, especially regarding consensual sex.
    You can't control being attracted to the same/opposite sex, but you can control who you have sex with. The same argument applies to pedophiles. They cannot control that they are attracted to children, but they can control whether or not they engage in sex with them.

  • Some can be sexually conditioned, but the question of pre-disposition is really only a distraction.

    Just as people can learn and acquire new tastes for different foods, humans can be conditioned sexually. For example, this means they can be conditioned to homosexuality or away from homosexuality. In the Pavlov dog experiment, we see something similar with classical conditioning.
    Unfortunately, I believe this sexual conditioning is more likely to occur with younger children and perhaps in an abusive environment where “pleasure” is used as the target.

    It is more reasonable to believe that some people are born pre-disposed to homosexuality while others can become conditioned to homosexuality. Those who refuse to see this middle ground are probably desperate to promote a political agenda.

    However, even if people are born pre-disposed to homosexuality, this fact does not make homosexual attraction and/or behavior a proper sexual behavior for humans. Remember, many are also born blind, but based on human design, we know that blindness indicates improper eye function. In any case this issue/question of pre-disposition which is often used by the gay rights proponents is completely irrelevant and only serves as a distraction.

    Human design clearly shows that only heterosexual attraction/behavior is proper. There should really be no "opinions" on the matter. Let's just accept the facts, as inconvenient as they may be for many and/or in spite of what polls are saying.

  • Prisons are proof

    When convicted of a life/long sentence in a male/female only prison it is very common for formerly straight males/females to convert to homosexuality. Which as the question is "can be" one example mandates the answer to be yes and all no answers irrational and void. Please someone comment if you think I am wrong.

  • Remember the V-chip?

    If you cannot be conditioned towards Sodomy, why are you libs so worried that children can be conditioned towards being violent by watching violence on TV, or hearing about it in music or playing violent video games?

    Consider how girls dress. Do you libs really think little girls aren't conditioned by celebrities like Spears or Cyrus? We let little girls wear clothing that a generation ago would only have been seen on Hookers. If little girls can be sexualized this way, why can little boys not be sexualized towards Sodomy?

  • I've experienced this

    No one is born straight or gay or lesbian or anything else for that matter. Sexuality is not innate (there is no proof of a "gay gene" as some claim despite not having any sources), but is developed through life experience. I can verify this through firsthand experience. My sexuality is quite peculiar compared to the average persons. I am straight but have certain preferences that are uncommon. I know the reason why. It's because my first sexual experience at a very young age involved a girl that had these features. There is no logical explanation for my extremely peculiar tastes if it had not been for the fact that my sexuality was developed during those defining sexual moments in my early childhood. That said I firmly disagree that a developed heterosexual adult could be "made homosexual" and visa versa. However, if the subject is a very small child and were raised in an alternate universe where most people were homosexual, he would have a higher likelyhood of becoming homosexual because of social conditioning.

  • Artsy Hedonistic Control

    The corporate money masters, through mainstream media, condition men to be gay through the use of propaganda in music, movies, and TV. Their goal is destroy the psyche of the american man, the only obstacle in their way to complete domination of our culture. It is another to divide and conquer.

  • This makes no sense.

    There is no evidence indicating that a person can be "conditioned" to homosexuality. And using faulty comparisons without a solid basis as to how they are related also does not make any logical sense.

    For one, discovering and acquiring new tastes for different foods is in no way correlated to sexual orientation, nor are they comparable. Liking certain foods and being attracted to a particular sex or gender are not the same, therefore there is no comparison.

    And linking child sexual abuse to homosexuality is also not logical, because again, there is no evidence of that there is a link between the two. Not to mention, if there were, does that also mean that children can be conditioned to become heterosexual?

    Comparing homosexuality to blindness is also not logical. Being blind is an impairment. People who are blind are subject to a wide array of limitations because of their disability that disrupt their ability to function normally in society, much like someone who suffers from a mental disability, or a paraplegic. Being gay does not.

    And all of your misconceptions about "human design" are also flawed. Heterosexual behavior among humans is no more "proper" than any other form of sexual behavior. Humans are designed to do whatever feels good to them, which is why there are pleasure centers and erogenous zones all over the body. Aside from this, vaginal sex between a man and woman only has one other purpose, reproduction, and even that does not always occur.

    So it seems the only person with the "political agenda" is you.

  • It's possible but there is no evidence for it.

    The main assumption for someone being turned gay involves sexual abuse. 1 in 5 women are sexually abused compared to 1 in 20 men, so if this were true then we could see more gay females than males. However, there are instead slightly more gay males.

    A gay person may have been sexually abused as a child, and yet a straight person abused in nearly the same way isn't effected. Even if childhood abuse did make a change, it must only effect kids (if it does at all) only some of the time, meaning those kids must already be different in some way.

    There is yet any examples of adults who have been turned either gay or straight. People may discover what they like as they experience new things and mature, but it's not their environment that determines what they will enjoy. The only examples are people who have stopped or began acting on their urges, but the urges can not be changed by any known factor.

    What I do agree with is that the argument is irrelevant. Whether gays were born that way or made that way, they can't switch it on and off and since it's harmless, they don't need to either.

  • Tastes are Natural Even With Acceptable Ranges

    To give an analogy, children are conditioned while growing up to eat food they don't like. That doesn't mean they grow up to like it. They just tolerate it, and they really just eat it because they have to, not because they want to. Likewise, people can be bisexual, but homosexually inclined. In constrained environments where homosexuality becomes prohibited, what's actually happening is their heterosexuality is being preferred. The opposite can also happen as in prisons where frustrated bisexuals will go after what they can get.

  • Sexuality can be determined by genetic factors

    The genetic research supporting the "gay gene" is numerous. It can be passed along the matrilinear genetic sequence, making both men and women more attracted to men (the evolutionary reason for the genes existence). There is also evidence that hormones present during pregnancy can influence latent sexuality. So there, assholes.

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The original question doesn't make sense.
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He's asking if every single human in the world is bisexual by nature.
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@krampus did you just compare homosexuality to pedophilia?

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