People cant tell whether or not a president or any politician is a good one therefore they cant judge the goodness of god accurately.

Asked by: steffon66
  • I agree one hundred percent

    Some people think god would be bad if he existed and they think that our reality is conclusive proof of this. Can these people really be held accountable for not believing in god when they dont think god is good and fair and think we are screwed anyways? I dont think so. If they cant tell whether or not a person is good they cant be held accountable for thinking god is bad.

  • Religious folk say god is to complex for us to understand

    And then they proceed to shove their religion, and their idea of god down your throat. If they can judge god when it's convenient to them, and say it's too complex when it isn't, it's very obvious to see religion is just a manipulation to brainwash and corrupt people. God should be held on the same accountability as everyone else.

  • It's hard to tell.

    Even though a politician may state his political positions, you never know what they will actually do once they get in office. Sometimes a politician who had been on one side of an issue will change for the better after their first term. Some politicians get hounded by the press about things that have nothing to do about their political career like family issues. For the most part, not consider what they did last year or in their personal life and just vote for the person who fits our ideals the best. If there isn't one that you really want to vote for, you could either not vote or just vote for the less of the two evils.

    Unfortunately, if there was a god, it would not be a positions that we vote on. For good or bad, you would have no choice on it. Does your pet get a choice on it's owner? No matter if the owner is good or bad, the best bet for the pet is to be the best pet they can be otherwise they would be treated even worse. Same would be true for people that think their god is bad. If their god does exist, talking bad about it would only make things worse for them. Just common sense.

  • God is bad

    I think its an objective fact that the abrahamic god is bad it even says in the bible he is a jealous god, besides anyone who authorises the genocide of a race is not good. I think it's safe to say humans can judge the goodness of god quite accurately especially when his 'personality', behaviour and attitude is written for the whole world to see.

    Posted by: hect
  • Man has no place to judge God

    Irrespective of whether we can judge the goodness of a politician, we have absolutely no grounds to judge the goodness of God. For what standards of morality would we be judging on? If God exists then he is the source of morality; so how could he possibly be concluded to be immoral if he sets the moral standard?

    Besides, it is absurdly presumptuous to assert that our flawed view on morality is correct and God's is not, considering God is omniscient (by definition) and we are not.

  • This is equivocation.

    When people talk about a “good” president they are talking about an effective leader; someone who is capable of leading a nation and who made choices which caused the nation to prosper.
    When people talk about God being “good” they are talking about a being morally upright; someone who does what is good an right in regards to ethics instead of effectiveness.
    The context changes the meaning of the word “good” and causes this questions to be confusing to the point that it borders on being deceptive.

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cybertron1998 says2015-03-16T21:36:41.310
Doesn't this mean that one can't judge him period
steffon66 says2015-03-17T20:02:53.887
What do you mean one cant judge him period. You mean anyone? Id love to answer your question but dont really understand what your asking. This means most people cant judge god as they all come to different conclusions about politicians. Every act is said to be right and wrong by us the people and everybody has a different number of "rightous" acts done by politicians and "wrong" acts done by politicians. All of our moralities contradict our ancestors moralities so its safe to say most people dont know right from wrong. And if they dont know right from wrong how can they accurately judge the "goodness" of god?