• People are too afraid

    People are to afraid to speak their minds because if people do not agree with it others may judge or think less of you. This is not fair however it us true. Also, people are afraid of the bullying that may come out of this.
    I believe people should speak their minds and not be afraid to do so

  • Are we really using "Freedom of speech"?

    Many people try to be politically correct, and therefore watch what they say in public. Although, many people do not have a problem saying what they want behind the computer screen. Many decades ago, no one really cared about being politically correct and said what the hell they wanted to.

  • Democracy is under threat

    In the last few years there has been a change in mood. Once all opinions were considered valid, now only a certain set of opinions are. People listen only to what they want to hear and oversimplify what detractors are saying, silencing rather than entertaining their opinions. Democracy is dying, and, while it is not perfect, it is the only protection against tyranny that we currently have. I don't think people realise how deep this goes or how threatening it is. When finally we wake up to it, I'm afraid it will be too late.

  • Women are to afraid to speak up, when their significant others are being assholes..

    If the guys calls them fat or ugly, they brush it off and they think that's what love shld be.. We teach girls that they are nothing w/o a men or kids or if their not married by certain age, so they put up with a lot of billshit.. I understand some women out there are assholes too but they got a men who says they respect them cuzz she don't take his shit..

  • I support freedom of speech and i don't think that it is encouraged in the world that we live in today.

    People are afraid to speak their minds because they don't want to be shunned or judged for saying what they want to say. Our youth today have been taught that freedom of speech is a very good thing however it comes at a great price which causes everyone to be afraid to speak their minds.

  • People are f*cking retarded:

    You should be absolutely afraid to speak. You're an idiot. Yes, you. Most of your ideas, concepts philosophies, and beliefs make no sense, have no backing, and ultimately are attributable to whim and infantile conceptualization. You're a moron. The ability to share opinions should be reserved for those well versed in the subjects at hand and there is a really good chance the only thing you're "well-versed" in is making up your universe.

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