• Smoking is for thinking.

    I remember having detention once in high school where I was caught smoking, and, to my surprise, found articles by the religious people that smoke from decades ago supporting it. What a stroke of luck.

    The smoking we do today is where we find somewhere quiet to ourselves, and, day dream or socialize while we bond. We regard the other person or topic as our smoke, and, although unhealthy if 'enjoyed too much,' we can still build good intellect with it.

  • I'm just sensitive to smoke

    When I'm walking behind someone who is smoking, it causes me to get ill and want to vomit. If someone was a heavy smoker and started talking to me, I'd feel ill and get dizzy, because I'd smell smoke everywhere on them. I think that if I were to ever try a cigarette, I'd end up in the hospital. I cannot think, concentrate, socialize, or bond, while I'm just trying to prevent myself from throwing up.

  • It is very unhealthy.

    People think that all smoking does is hurt themselves, so they don't really care. They don't get it that they are hurting everyone around them due to secondhand smoke as well. I feel that cigarettes should be banned completely. There are no benefits, and it hurts the health of oneself and others around them.

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