• Yes do play

    Well there are different kinds of playing. There is playing that challenges you, there is playing that's just fun, and there's playing that's challenging and fun. Take a deck of cards, and play some solitaire. Challenging maybe, fun? To me yes. How bout Bop It!? Challenging? Yes, fun? Yes, Bop It! Helps with your reaction timing(reflexes).

  • People have the right to play or to relax in general

    Relaxing and doing whatever you want helps reduce stress, and increases your work efficiency after you are done relaxing. And if you decide to play let's say a sport then your blood circulation is increased which helps you focus more on your work once you get back. That's why almost all the people have hobbies which include stuff they like to do.

  • No, they don't

    They don't because if they play too much, people will become dumber and dumber. Also, playing might be a trouble to working. So this is my opinion to that people don't have a right to play. Also, check out my email, and. . . Well... Farewell! ! ! ! !

    Posted by: nsx

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