• And Come on

    Quit always assuming and just listen for once. I agree with Satanism in not doing crazy rituals but I mean you always assume too that if you don't believe in god, you are automatically called a Satanist. Religion is religion. And seriously, are you actually gonna let a book tell you what to do? You worry about god saving your life, what about the rest of your families needs and what you want to do in life?

  • Depends which kind.

    If by satanists you mean people into sacraficial rituals and what-not, then I'd say no. But if you mean the La Veyan satanists who do nothing wrong and are almost pretty much the same as athiests, why not be nicer? If you tell someone you're a satanist they automatically assume you're some kind of monster.

  • I Would Prefer That

    So many times I've heard the words "Babykiller!" or "Antichrist!" hurtled in my direction by fundies who don't even know what they're talking about. Sigh... Of course, I do live in a red state, so what's the best that can be expected? Listen, for the most part, all people hear of Satanists is that we're people who congregate in the woods in black robes on Halloween to celebrate in the form of orgies to devils, skinning baby animals alive, and sacrificing babies on altars. This meme people have of Satanism is a gross caricature of reality. We are doctors. We are lawyers. We are authors, and scientists, and teachers. We are loving parents and fierce friends. And we are everywhere. From all walks of life, in every arena you can find at least a handful of us. We aren't going anywhere; the rest of the world should learn to keep their mouths shut if they can think of nothing nice to say. Arrogance is quite off-putting.

  • There is a massive misrepresentation here of what Satanists believe

    Many people do not know this, but LaVeyan Satanists (which make up for the majority of Satanists) do not believe in Satan! Anton LaVey wrote the Satanic Bible as a mockery of organized religion. Here are the 11 Satanic Rules of the Earth (AKA Commandments):

    1.Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.
    2.Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them.
    3.When in another's lair, show them respect or else do not go there.
    4.If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat them cruelly and without mercy.
    5.Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.
    6.Do not take that which does not belong to you, unless it is a burden to the other person and they cry out to be relieved.
    7.Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained.
    8.Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.
    9.Do not harm young children.
    10. Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food.
    11.When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him

    Modern Satanism is primarily about respect for others until you are disrespected. Where organized religions demand that you forgive them, Satanism allows you to completely cut them out of your life.

  • I am an atheist

    As i said I am an atheist, however when I look at the bible, satan looks much more kinder than 'god'. Doesn't it feel strange that Satan so conveniently punishes people only those who disobey God, makes no sense trying to reinforce the ideas of your rival. In the bible, 'God' appears to be this kid, with infinite power, so he decides to kill anybody who he dosen't like. This God as killed thousands of people. While satan only a few 10-15. For me they are all just fictional creatures

  • Satan may be represented as bad

    But doesn't typically act in a "bad" fashion.

    After all, if you're worshiping the God of the Bible, you're quite literally worshiping the more evil of the two choices.

    Satan represented in a theistic group is almost never represented as evil, and typically is regarded as a positive force, and even has virtuous characteristics.

    Of course atheistic satanism is a bit of a different story. It definitely verges on the edge of being a dangerous religion, but no more so than some of the most popular that exist today.

    We must take ALL organized religions with such characteristics respectfully, or none at all.

  • It is our duty

    Although I don't agree with the satanist religion, as Christians, catholics, Jews, etc.. We are called to love our neighbors as ourselves, as said in Mathew 22:39.But the bible also says to HATE our enemys,but satantists are not our enemys, satan is. We need to stop hating satanists and try to show them the love of God and that the devil is manipulative and would love to watch them burn.

  • Nice to people of mad conscience?

    God has openly told us that satan is our enemy. Now it is for us to heed to His advice or suffer ourselves. If people who follow satan i.e. they do evil deeds, then certainly they ought to be punished. On the other hand he/she does not make sense who does not obey satan and calls God by the name of satan.

  • So Satan is evil

    So Satan is a mistake of god and is evil and not very nice. He isn't the nicest guy to worship but that doesn't mean you have to be cruel to them. Maybe they see him as a cunning god that is a nice person, or some one who is doing better for the world, as unlikely as this seems they obviously have reasons to worship him. And even if there god is evil they don't have to be evil, for instance you could worship satan and then help an elderly cross the road. I personally think you shouldn't be a satanist but it is no reason to be mean to them.

  • Never! Show them that they are unwanted!

    They should be very nice! They should give bibles to the the satanists as a Christmas gift and teach them to forget Satan and to understand to follow God. If they recognize that they will be saved by God and Jesus and be destroyed by Satan, they will leave Satan by themselves.

  • You in no way present an argument in where "satanists" are being mistreated.

    Yes, perhaps they are misrepresented and misunderstood; but that is true of all beliefs. We, as a whole, tend to focus on the "extremists" to define others' beliefs; and that is wrong. Basically, it is people of your own cause that have given you all a bad name and pasted you with that stereotype. Satanism is actually a very broad category for different groups of people who have diverse beliefs; so are you referring to satanism as a whole or a specific group? Are you referring to Satanism as an actual deep religious belief, the pop-cultural Satanism through music and arts? Or the ever popular cult satanism that practices satanic rituals focused on sex, violence, and pain, and death? Give us some examples for your case. The information you have provided leads me to believe that "Is Satan Really That Bad" would have been a more suitable title for your argument. This whole things seams more fuel to a religious argument than concern for the treatment of people.

  • The column on the left is the reason for the decline of Western Civilization

    Being nice to satanists involves prohibiting their practice for their good and the good of society. To promote open devil-worship as something that may be a boon to society is so patently absurd I won't bother to address it. I will simply say that a good Torquemada may be what is needed to get our world back on track.

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Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-11-04T16:04:20.943
Just be nice to people.