People need to stop forcing their religion on their kids.

Asked by: AthiestQueen
  • Your religion is just one of thousands that cant all be true.

    So what are the chances that its true. Like 99.9 percent of people or all people your religion is just a simple answer that would prevent scientists from exploring any further for answers like newton did after he discovered planets and stars moving in a uniform fashion. He assumed that god gave behests for them to move that way. This was a simple but false answer that kept them from investigating it any further. We know now that natural laws are not like man made laws. Natural laws are statistical averages. Theres a law that the dice will fall on double sixes about once every 36 rolls. And we dont today use this as evidence of design its obviously random. So not everything happens for a reason. And everything else is like that and natural laws are statistical averages of how things do infact behave. So people saying natural laws had to be written are poorly educated on them. Almost everybodies beliefs have to be wrong. So why should people have any beliefs knowing that they are almost garanteed to be wrong. Why not just say i dont know so as to not look so stupid to rational people.

  • Let children decide for themselves.

    Most children living nowadays grow up to have the same opinions as their parents. Most of these opinions stick with them as they grow up, and they will almost always have that same opinion despite what others argue about it. I believe that religion should not be spoken about at all towards children as it will indoctrinate them to that religion and it won't allow them to make a choice.

  • All religions are delusional nonsense and have no place in the modern world.

    How would react if you heard a young child being taught communism, atheism or druidism . I assume most people would be shocked. But these are beliefs just like religion so what is the difference. Why is it acceptable to indoctrinate susceptible young children into one religion without also teaching them all the alternative beliefs available?

    Posted by: chui
  • Religion is a choice!

    While it is completely appropriate for a parent to encourage their children to follow the same religion as them, their children are still entitled to their own opinions. When a parent forces or pressures their child into a belief system, there can often be more harm done than good. Their children may have their reasons for not wanting to participate in certain beliefs and these reasons may be very personal. If a parent forces their child into their religion, it may strike a sensitive nerve that could lead to a child believing that they are not being accepted by the people who are supposed to love and care for them unconditionally. With that being said, a child should always respect their parents' religions as well. It is a two way street.

  • Though there's a fine line between practicing and forcing.

    It's, of course, completely fine to practice your religion and also let your child practice that religion with you, so long if it's her or his choice. But when you completely indoctrinate your children into that religion, you know, to the point where it eliminates their ability to think clearly and objectively about a situation, then that is a problem. Most people who have really hardcore religious parents are told explicitly that they must follow this religion or they'll be disowned. And what's worse is if a person is brought up to believe a certain religion by their parents, and then they have children, then the cycle will continue.

  • Atheist often forget

    That a religious parent believes their religion is true. Most, if not all, believe that following the religion is the only way to assure entry into the good afterlife, i.e. heaven, and not teaching their children about their god would be to ensure they would suffer a worse fate. To them, it is immoral not to indoctrinate their children.
    Once the child grows up and has a life of their own, they are free to believe in a god or not. Many will continue the cycle but others will not, that is their choice. In effect, telling a religious person not to pass on their religion would be to tell them to send their child to hell, or what ever their religion feels would happen. Clearly a parent with morals would do no such thing.
    I was born and raised in a Christian household. I know my parents had my best interests at heart when they raised me to believe in God and Jesus. Being great parents, I would expect no less. It was only as a result of my own study on the existence of gods that I concluded that they do not exist. This means that I became atheist as a default classification. Because my parents had my best interests at heart, I decided to keep being atheist secret from them. The only thing that telling them would achieve would be for them to worry about my immoral soul. Seeing that they had my best interests at heart, the least I can do is return the favor and let them believe I am still Christian.

  • Parents Don't Force

    First of all, most religions don't force children to follow that religion. When a child reaches an adult, then they can switch religions. In the Catholic religion, for example, at a certain age kids go through a Confirmation, which is confirming their faith and beliefs as a Catholic, and they can always choose to switch if they want. Other beliefs like the Muslim religion, in some more extreme or traditional cases, if the children decide not to take on the religion then they are disowned or worse, and that I don't agree on. So I guess it depends on the scenario.

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BlackOpal97 says2015-06-27T10:28:58.617
Just don't teach them to hate