People should donate at least 5% of their income to charity

Asked by: David12N
  • It would reduce suffering and people can usually afford it.

    Charity can and does reduce suffering.

    The major excuses like they spend a high portion of donations on administration is not a good excuse not to give when there are charities that do not spend anything on admin. When groups like Charity Navigator exists to show which ones spend a smaller proportion on admin and the fact that having a decent back office is actually needed for the charity to be able to help people.

    The idea that charity is a waste of money does not hold-up when an entire sector made up of charity evaluators {some better than others and not perfect} exists to evaluate charities to see how effective they are at helping people and some do very well at that.

    The claim that most people just can't afford to give or give more is just not the case. Look at the amount of money spent on eating out which significantly outweighs what is spent on charity in countries like Australia. Skipping at least a few outside meals would mean much more for charity. {Similar to the fasting offerings made by Mormons which generates several hundred million just in Utah annually}

    Low-income earners tend to give a higher proportion of their income to charity than those that could more afford to but state they can't afford to do that.

  • We all ready do.. It call taxes

    You do know that something called taxes right? It the redistribution of wealth, people are already playing 50% taxes, you want to add a extra 5% to that? Charity don't even use the donated money efficiently. Don't get me wrong some people do need help since they are in horrible situations, but donation should be by choice not mandatory.

  • No, freedom of choice is important when it comes to charity

    I donate very little money to charity, but I spend hundreds of hours each year dedicated to charitable causes I believe in. Whether it be designing a website for free from the ground up for a struggling non-profit, putting on a concert of classical music for the poor and homeless, running a chess club at a local school or community center, clearing overgrown hiking trails of bush deep in the mountains, or teaching kids hiking and rock climbing skills, I cherish the freedom to contribute in my own way. If I am prescribed the method in which I must contribute, my enthusiasm would be greatly reduced. In fact, I would resist completely.

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