People who believe things are meant to be by a perfect god are complaining about what happens. Are they contradicting themselves?

Asked by: steffon66
  • They think everything that happens was planned out by a perfect god.

    But then they complain about a lot of things saying they are bad as if there god didnt want them to happen. Now how can god plan for everything to happen the way it happens and be disappointed by what happens saying its bad when he is perfect and his plan should be perfect. Religious people will claim a "truth" when its convenient for them but deny it when it isnt convenient for them. I hear it all the time and it makes me sick. If your religious you should slit your wrist and rid the world of your righteous evils and stop slowing down moral progress.

  • Just because you believe in something that does not mean you can't compl about it.

    I do believe in God but I don't think everything that happened is his planes, he has his planes in the Bible, and the things that are happening are not part of it. However people who believe that everything that happened is because there God wants it to happen, they also have the right to complain about there Gods agenda. You can work for a big company like the money and everything about it, but still complain about your job. It's a human nature. Even people who don't bel in God end up blaming God for somethings.

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