People who do not use Spellcheck/Make dumb arguments should be removed from the site.

Asked by: WohMi
  • I say yes.

    Many people are just typing random letters and posting on the site, which is incredibly annoying and rude to people who actually want to debate. Typing responses that don’t matter isn’t helping the arguement at all, and is really just taking up room on the site. Maybe they don’t have something to say, but they shouldn’t be debating if they don’t have something to say about the arguement.

  • I'm so tired of seeing childish things on this website.

    From the small time I've been on this site, I've seen countless examples of simply childish debates. From "is _____ good at fortnite?" to "donald trump shud go di," some of these debates are simply moronic. This site should be used for intelligent and logical debates, not for some 7 year old to call his friend bad at Call of Duty. Another reason is that if their spelling and grammar is that bad, we can assume that they are quite young, and, given that some of the topics on this site are not child-friendly, they should not be able to see those topics. I have seen a post on "Should men have wrights to sell their sperm to others is that a wright?" The fact that (presumably) a child knows what that is shows that they have too much access to other topics that are not child-appropriate. While the flagging system is good, it takes too long to get down. I suggest adding a filter so that people can search for what they want to, and add "18+" filters to their posts if necessary. I'm very interested to see others views on this.

  • I don't agree

    First of all... English isn't the only language. Some people (Including myself) have a hard time learning this language, so who are we to ban someone for having a bad spelling.

    But when it comes to stupid arguments in totally down on that,
    Trollers and idiots who are just making fun of this site should be banned

  • I believe in a free and open debate.Org

    Only1Alen had a good point about non English speakers, plus we need to be carful about how easy it is to ban someone on this sight.
    On a debate sight like this one, tempers will flare, and people will get offended, theirs no avoiding it, and some people (very few) will try to get back at their opponents, or just anyone that post something that they don't like, by calling them trolls. And as we can see with examples such as terrorist, it doesn't take many people to cause considerable damage.
    To avoid giving these people any power, as well as hopefully for people to learn something, I feel that it is important to leave this sight open to and uncensored, for and by all members.
    To have a good and honest debate sight is something that I'm willing to deal with a few trolls over.
    P.S. WohMi what's wrong with a debate about video games? Not every debate has to be completely serious discussions about the state of the world, mankind, or religion. And sometimes I want to know if people are pro Empire, or Pro Rebels, We can just skip over the debates that were not interested in.

  • Don't judge someone's intellect purely by how they spell on the internet.

    Many people on the internet use their own internet slang, as well as the fact as it is very easy to misspell something using a keyboard. Next to that is the fact that entirely removing someone from a site because you don't like how they spell things is very extreme.

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