People who falsely accuse of rape should get actually raped.

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  • Or something equivalent

    A high school girl accused a boy of rape. He got charged as an adult and spent years locked up. He was released when the girl finally confessed that she made the whole thing up to get attention. His whole family was shamed and he lost years and potentially the chance to get a job.

    Actual rape victims are very scared and only through bravery can accuse their rapists. But these lowlifes want attention and want to hurt the lives of innocent people. Chill bro its just a prank. You false rape accusers need to locked up instead of innocent people.

  • What's wrong with you?

    No. You don't get raped if you falsely accuse someone. In your world, Maybe it's a just and fair system of revenge, Or whatever, But in the real world, That's just plain wrong. Twisted ethics. Maybe you see it as Thanos style balance, But let me ask you, If someone who falsely accused someone of murder, Should the person who they're accusing the suspect of murdering, Should the presumed dead person be murdered? It's not a perfect analogy, But hopefully you see my point.

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