People would follow anyone who can lead them. You agree?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Not everyone is a leader

    Of the current 7 billion people on this planet, most support the efforts, point of view, or ideas of some group or person. Be it your political party, favorite sports team, or celebrity idol, everyone has someone or something they admire. Yet how many actually lead these masses of supporters, who are the trend setters and great thinkers. A couple thousand. Million. Billion. Who knows?

    My point is that there are a lot more people in the world ready to follow than to lead.

  • Speaking for myself.

    I have listen to many people over my life and found that you can get wisdom from even the least likely sources. Thing is, I don't even consider the greatest of them a role model. Just because I agree with them on one point, does not mean I will agree with them on any other. Knowing this, there would be nobody that I would follow as I am not about to blindly believe what they say. I am not a follower.
    Being the type of person I am, I also don't expect others to believe what I say, just because I said it. I would hope my fellow man can think for himself. I also don't need the responsibility of leading others just in case I am on the wrong path. I do not want to be a leader.
    Each day at work, I have to do what others say and instruct others what to do. I do that because it is my job but outside of work it does not matter what my boss tells me or what I tell my employees. It is just a job, not life. In my life, I am my own leader. I have need for no shepherd nor flock.

  • Most people have standards

    Most people will be open to following somebody. In fact I am open to it if the person has the right ideas. But most people have some standards. You'd be unlikely to get a religious right person to follow an atheist or even a liberal religious person no matter how charismatic and you'd be unlikely to get someone supportive of equal rights and against bigotry to follow someone whose main 'appeal' is bigotry.

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